Sunday, January 23, 2011

Malaysia 10 sen 1972

"Do you looking for information about 1972 Malaysia 10 sen? I have one piece of the coin and since the price of the 1971 10 sen is over RM300, I think this coin will get a higher price then that? At least double the price from the Malaysia rare 1971 10 sen. If you don't understand, I want to sell it for RM600. Take it or leave it."

10 sen 1972
If you're reading this, please don't misunderstood me. That is not my words but an email I received few days back. A guy (I think a kids) is trying to sell me a coin that everyone is talking about in most forums in Malaysia. Hahahahahaha.... I am just laughing reading that email. Most people were looking for this particular coins to complete their collection. They already got all other years but 1972 still missing from their collection. I seen it in Lowyat forum, I seen it in Carigold forum and other bloggers talking about it as well.

For everyone information:
There is no 10 sen 1972 coin minted by Bank Negara Malaysia.

There are also no other denominations minted for 1972. Will put up the actual list in this blog later. So everyone will not get cheated and paying a high price for a fake item. Bank Negara Malaysia don't minted coins for that year because our country already had a large amount of coins over 200million 10 sen already been minted before 1971. During that year, do you know how many Malaysia Population we got?

Why there is someone selling 1972 10 sen coin, complete with the actual picture of the coins?
Because everyone is looking for it and they can sell a high value for that coin. Imagine if they can sell you for RM200 a piece? How much they get profit from that? If you find one in, most probably the coin has been altered, like my coin picture in here. It only took me 10 minutes to make a 1972 10 sen coin using a photo software.

I heard it had a special metal, it minted in silver, not like the rest of other coins, thats why the price is expensive.
I don't think Malaysia coin will be minted in Silver during that year since silver price already gone up. If you found 1972 10 sen that look like silver, that most probably silver plated. Only top of the coins has been put silver on it. I have seen that a very long time ago.

You can read the list in my old post about "nilai duit lama Malaysia" (Malaysia old coin value). If there is no price on the list, thats mean that coins are not minted for that year. If you want the latest price, you can but coins catalog by Steven Tan or KN Boon.

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