Sunday, April 17, 2011

Iraq Dinar RV?

"Haven't you heard that Iraqi Dinar revalue soon? It has been all over news and everyone is buying Iraq Dinar stock. Iraqi Budget already approved by Parliament, does this clear the way for the Iraq Dinar to RV drastically & quickly? Its a little bit hard to find Iraq Dinar now since the news come out."

A reader email me about Iraq Dinar RV soon. To anyone who still doesn't know "RV" is short for "revalue" or "revaluation". Also referred to as RI (ReInstatement). The term is referring to a change in the value of the Iraqi Dinar.

Iraq Dinar RV is for real?
Yes. Currency revaluations happen all the time. Its happened before with Iraq Dinar and they produce a new Dinar with old Dinar became no value.

Why people keep on talking about Iraq Dinar RV?
Do you remember where exactly do you read about the Iraq Dinar RV? Most of the time its come from Dinar trader and seller. Its just one of their way to attract you to buy Iraqi Dinar to increase their sales and profits. When looking at the profit they said you will gain if you buy Iraq Dinar; yes, it is very tempting investment. But do you ever think how many people in this world buy Iraq Dinar for investment? When the Iraq Dinar revalue as what all the traders said it will, what will happened to Iraq economy when many people change their Dinar for Dollar? Will Iraq allowed that to happen?

Why bank is selling Iraq Dinar?
Banking is a business. If the business can gain a profit, why not? They gain so much profit from all the charges for you to buy Iraq Dinar, not including the exchange rates.

Why do you talk about Iraq Dinar?
I am an ex-investor of Iraq Dinar. Have you read my post; Should I invest in Iraq Dinar? I am talking from experience and I want to help everyone who maybe will get into their trap. Many people said Iraq Dinar is a good investment but before you start investing, you might want to read this post here; Iraq Dinar Investment.

As far as a "revaluation" of Iraq Dinar, it will be happening but you will not get big profits as promise by Dinar seller. RV is just one way for the Dinar dealers to increase their sales and profits. Just remember, there will be no overnight millionaires as promised by the sellers. The new dinar most probably will be change to a new Dinar soon or after Iraq announce their currency revaluation. For me, Iraq Dinar is still a scam.

Haven't you heard, a  new Iraq currency has been planned by Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). CBI Governor, Sinan al-Shabibi in his interview with Al-Sabaah claims that the new currency’s attributes will make it ‘difficult’ to falsify. The Central Bank and the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives agreed to hold further meetings to finalize discussions on the project. The central bank is determined to raise three zeroes from the of the new Iraqi currency and presented its project to the government and the House of Representatives. Iraq New Currency.