Thursday, April 5, 2012

Asia Most Expensive Banknote

I think everyone already knew Asia Most Expensive Banknote is a complete 6 pieces with same serial number A/1 000001, Malaysia 1st series banknotes. The banknote sold for £115,100 four time the original estimate (£20,000-£30,000) in Auction by Spink on 8 October 2007. The item won by CIMB Bank of Malaysia and were given as a gift to Bank Negara Malaysia. On my visit to Sasana Kijang Bank Negara, I don't see this banknote on display at the museum. This banknote should be an attraction to visitors to the new museum. After over 5 years, these banknote still hold the title as The Most Expensive Asia Banknote ever sold via auction in this world. The price is much more lower then The World Most Expensive Banknote at  USD$2,255,000 for US Grand Watermelon Banknote.

Malaysia expensive

Here a little bit information about the notes by SPINK:
"The banknotes were a gift presented by Ismail Mohd Ali, on behalf of the Board of Governors of Bank Negara Malaysia, to the (fourth) King of Malaysia, Tuanku Ismail Nasiruddin Shah. They are preserved in a blue leather presentation album with the title Bank Negara Malaysia and arms in gold on the front cover. The folder contains the following: 1 ringgit, blue and multicoloured, 5 ringgit, green and multicoloured, 10 ringgit, blue and multicoloured, 50 ringgit, blue and multicoloured and 100 ringgit, purple and multicoloured, all ND (1967), serial number A/1 000001, all with portrait of Yang Di- Pertuan Agong, TuAnku Abdul Rahman, first King of Malaysia, at right, all are signed by Ismail Mohd Ali, value at centre and at each corner, all notes are mounted in card with gold border (Tan M 27, 28, 29, 30, 31). There is also a second presentation album containing 1000 ringgit, ND (1968), serial number A/1 000001, purple and multicoloured, portrait of Yang Di- Pertuan Agong, TuAnku Abdul Rahman, first king of Malaysia at right, signed by Ismail Mohd- Ali, value at centre and each corner, mounted in card with gold trim (Tan M 32)".
Source: SPINK.

I also heard rumours that this banknote set is a collection of Steven Tan but rumours are just rumour. We can hear any rumours but please don't believe until they're evidence come with it. Malaysia New Premier set for the Malaysia 4th series banknote also came with a same serial numbers in one pack. The price of the notes are not going up now but I believe one day its one of the collection that worth to keep. This post is exactly a repost of my old blog post, just to motivate all Malaysia New Premier set collectors out there who are not happy with the market price of the set. Just keep it, take a very good care of it and consider it as an investment. Looking at the most expensive Asian banknote sold in auction, the notes actually from 1967 and the auction in 2007, it need at least 50 years before you can really see the return of your investment. Be patient and try to collect other items to keep you from selling your investment.