Sunday, August 23, 2009

1938 Modern Jewellery Token

A reader of my blog e-mail me regarding a 1938 token. He try to search for information and value of his token in Internet. On the reverse of the token written Prize-Jewellery-Modern-Flower with eagle crescent and word Medal and Prize at the top. On the Obverse it have a liberty head coin with the word modern. This coin is in 24K pure gold. Just to make thing straight to all my reader, I am not a token or medallion collector but sometimes I found a story about them. I am also not an expert or a numismatist, you need to go to special course for that. I am just a normal collector like everyone out there but love to share information that I found in the Internet.

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I try to find information about this coin according to the information given by that reader. I found out that this is a 1938 token made by Modern Jewellery Co.

This is the exact description I found in
"A privately produced gold token that appears to be close to a U.S. five dollar Liberty Head coin. The token has on the reverse Prize Jewelry Modern Flower. The gross weight is 8.3 gms, but the karat content is unknown. The weight appears the same as a U.S. half eagle."
This is an auction site and this token is on auction in 2006. The price of the winning auction is at US$260.00. This price is excluding tax and post payment. At the current gold market price this token should be a bit higher in prices. To that particular reader, wish this will help you on your collection.

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