Hi! You can called me lunatic or lunaticg. I am not an expert numismatist just a normal coin & banknote collector like you. I had been start collecting since 1992 and stop for a while when I start to study in 1995. I start collecting again in 2000. I collect Malaysia, Malaya, Malaya and British Borneo and Straits Settlements; coins and banknotes. I don't do any swap or exchange of my collections.

This blog is not about my collection. Its more about my tips and information that I found in Internet. I had been started this blog since 2008 and currently my blog have Google PageRank 3. Currently, my blog will be talking about numismatic news in Malaysia.

I am not buying any coins and banknotes from strangers. So please don't email me about your sale coins etc.

Thank you for reading my blog. Currently, I have over 1,300 blog posts.