Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Special Label for 4th Trigo KL Money Show

Paper Money Guaranty™ (PMG®) on Monday announced a special label for 4th Trigo Kuala Lumpur International Money Show tickets. The 4th Trigometric Money show will be held starting this Friday (25 October) until Sunday (27 October 2019) in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

PMG Special Label

This year, a hornbill is featured on the entrance ticket, which PMG can certify and encapsulate.

This is the only official souvenir from that show. The ticket includes various anti-counterfeiting elements, including optical variable ink, background printing, fluorescent ink, a security thread, and registration features that are difficult to imitate.

To request the PMG label that echoes the hornbill theme of the ticket, make sure to write Hornbill Label 0153 on your PMG submission form. (PMG can encapsulate the single ticket and the uncut sheet of two, but not the uncut sheet of 18.)

At previous Trigometric shows, PMG labels with a regal lion and an attractive peacock were used, highlighting the designs of the tickets. Trigometric serves as an Official Submission Center for PMG in Malaysia.

This year, Trigometric Sdn Bhd started to organize the show twice a year, due to a positive respons from exhibitors and collectors.