Wednesday, January 12, 2011

5th edition 2010 KN Boon book

This is one of the old post that I did not publish in 2010. 5th edition KN Boon Book-A complete educational reference-Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore Banknotes & Coins released in September 2010. Few months after Steven Tan released his book, as always. I buy this book at Galeri Wang & Setem Trigometric Sdn Bhd (KN Boon Shop) in Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya. I also come there with a mission to take pictures of KN Boon since some of my blog readers are asking for it, they buy his book but they never see his photo. To everyone who are asking about KN Boon Photo, I am sorry, I had a chance to take his picture but he asked me not to publish or share his picture with anyone.

Photo: Galeri Wang & Setem Trigometric Sdn Bhd

This 5th edition book come with 454 pages with full colour. This book is a joint publication International Education & Cultural Exchange Foundation with Trigometric Sdn Bhd. Eventhough this book suggest that its also cover Brunei and Singapore currency, in my personal opinion, this book is more into Malaysia currency. From 454 pages, only 18 pages are about Singapore currency and 12 pages are about Brunei currency and its also cover about Brunei & Singapore banknotes only. Steven Tan Book is better when you're looking for Singapore & Brunei currency.

Most sellers are using this books nowadays for reference on the market value of Malaysia banknote and coin. The main reason most probably because the market value price written in here is higher then Steven Tan book. Like most collectors books, this one is just an upgraded version from the 4th edition. If you're interested in solid number banknote, they also have included a price for Malaysia solid number (same prefix and different prefix). You can buy this book in most of the coin dealer shop in Klang Valley for a price around RM78.

Suggestion for Mr. KN Boon for future books:
  • Lighter version of this book. Many of us collector want a book that we can bring along with us when we are outside looking for collections. this book is small but it is a little bit heavy to bring it with you. You can try to publish a book with less information/history, smaller pictures or fonts.
  • With the lighter version, the price will also be cheaper. Many people looking for good Malaysia currency collecting books. Cheaper price will mean many people can afford buying them. Right now, many people don't want to buy a book that is over RM50 since they don't collect coin and banknotes. they just want to know how much their collection market value.
  • Try to convert your book into pdf or ebook.
Anyone already own this book?

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