Sunday, March 29, 2009

Malaysia Sa-puloh ringgit with Agong Watermark

Every month I received at least 20 calls, sms or e-mail asking me if I have Malaysia old sepuluh ringgit banknote with Yang Dipertuan Agong Watermark. Everyone is asking What is the watermark for my Sa-puloh ringgit banknote on sale in If I have a banknote with different watermark then it suppose to, why do I sold them at a normal price? If I have any for sale, I should had been putting a rare banknote title on them since it is something that I myself never saw from over 15 years of my collecting.

Every avid Malaysia banknote and coin collector knew that Malaysia banknote from the first series up until the fourth series has a tiger watermark on them. The fifth series until the current banknote has the 1st Yang Dipertuan Agong banknote watermark. Why exactly the fuss about old Malaysia banknote watermark with Yang Dipetuan Agong? Does anyone see them with their own eyes?

One of my buyer asking me if what I have for sale in is fake? When I asked him why done such a harsh accusation on my sale. He is telling me that he is seeking for a fake Malaysia old Sa-Puloh Ringgit banknote with Yang Dipetuan Agong watermark on them. He is been looking for this banknote for years without any luck. Another of my buyer is tellling me that he saw this banknote in Kuching, Sarawak been used as a tools in witchcraft or "menurun" for 4D number.

For the past few weeks, whenever I called my banknote collector friend, I will try to remember asking if any of them have any of this banknote in their possession. Everyone is either laughing or asking if I am into fake banknote collecting nowadays. Most of them been asked by their buyer and visitor about the same banknote almost everyday. Some of my friends is telling me that this banknote most probably is fake. Some people really do have a skill making a fake rare banknote like this to make some fast extra cash. They are using an original banknote and changing that watermark or make a different color variety. If they can make fake banknote watermark, why don't they make a fake current one ringgit with Ali Abul signature? Its price already gone up to 2 thousands ringgit for uncirculated condition.