Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cheap RM1 AAH for sale

Cheap RM1 AAH for sale.

"I have 12 pieces Running numbers RM1 AAH banknote for sale. Some are circulated but I have 2 pieces in UNC. If you want, I will sell it for you for RM100 a piece. Some people might sell this for thousands ringgit. Since I get this notes at face value, RM100 a piece already enough for me. I heard many people were looking for this notes. I also have many old Malaysia gold coins in my collection. You can contact me at *******".

That is an email I received from a reader who offer me his item. I don't buy any item from anyone via email before but the content of his email make me want to ask him more about it.

duit Ali Abul

Me: What is the Prefix and who signed the banknote?
Mr.X: AAH lar.., signed by Zeti.
ME: The Prefix is AAH?
Mr.X: Ya.
Me: People were looking for Prefix CR and signed by Ali Abul Hassan.
Mr.X: I don't have those. I saw in the internet many people looking for RM1 AAH.
Me: AAH (Ali Abul Hassan) not the prefix AAH. His sign look like Aisah, people also called the note RM1 sign Aishah.
Mr.X: Malaysia don't have any Bank Negara Gabenor name Aishah.
Me: LOL.
Mr.X: Ok lar..., I sell to you RM10 a piece, RM100 for 12 pieces.
Me: I don't want.
Mr.X: How about Malaysia gold coins?
Me: I guess you have the Malaysia RM1 gold coins, is it?
Mr. X: Ya..., 2 pieces. You want?
Me: No, thanks.
Mr.X: RM200 a piece.
Me: LOL. I still can get them for free. Its actually a normal Malaysia RM1 coins not a gold coin.
Mr.X: Owh.....

Collector like us should try our best to explain to non-collector about their collection. Many of them think, old money is gold. To normal people, Malaysia only have 4th series of banknotes but to collectors, we already have over dozen series of banknote. Malaysia 2nd series coins are called Cultural Artifact Series by BNM but we called the coins as a bunga raya series. The new coins most probably will be called Euro series or lightweight series by collector even though BNM has released it as a Distinctively Malaysia series. Collector name the collections differently from what the BNM has announce. 
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