Sunday, October 16, 2016

Solid 8 RM100 Aziz Taha sold for RM57,158

A 100 Ringgit, 4th Series banknote signed by Tan Sri Aziz Taha (Lot 393) with a Solid 8 Serial number A/29 888888 graded PMG 55 AU sold for RM57,158 (including buyer premium & gst) in Trigometric Auction 4, today. The fancy number banknote is the highest realized price in Trigometric Auction 4 held at Serunai Suite, Hilton Hotel Petaling Jaya, (P.J. Hilton).

100 Ringgit, 4th Series

You can watch the floor bid session for Lot 393 here:

Another solid number banknote, 50 Ringgit 8th Series banknote, signed by Ahmad Don with solid number AA 3333333 PMG 66EPQ sold for RM32,000 (excluding buyer premium).

A 21pcs 1 Ringgit 4th Series Signed by Aziz Taha (Lot 0388) sold for RM30,000 (excluding buyer premium). The lot contains; Low number P/75 000001 - 000010; Solid no. P/5 111111,P/8 222222, P/74 333333, P/76 444444, P/8 555555. P/6 666666, P/3 777777, P/8 888888, P/75 999999, P73 1000000 and ladder number N/92 123456 all AU-UNC minor foxing.

50 cents Constantinople Estate

50 cents Constantinople Estate note (Lot 276) with low serial number (No.4) sold for RM45,000 (excluding buyer premium), the 2nd highest realized price for today auction. The private banknote for Kukup Concession of Syed Mohammad Bin Ahmad Alsagof in Johor is extremely rare, previously mounted and in Very Fine Condition.

Malaysia error banknote, 1000 Ringgit 6th Series Jaffar Hussein with missing prefix number graded PMG 66EPQ sold for RM24,000 (excluding buyer premium).


In the morning session, 100 Ringgit Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) Gold Commemorative Coin (Lot 85) with certificate no. 028 sold for RM11,000 (excluding buyer premium), the highest price for coins in this auction. Only 50 pcs 100 Ringgit Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) Gold Commemorative Coin issued by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2003.

A 1999 Millennium RM500 Proof Gold coin (Lot 83) sold for RM8,000 (excluding buyer premium). The Commemorative Millennium Gold Coin RM500 999.9 Gold Coin with certificate have an approved mintage of 10,000pcs but the actual mintage for this gold coin is unknown.

Malaysia 1992 Thomas Cup Medallion without certificate (Lot 61) sold for RM600 (excluding buyer premium). The Medallion to commemorate the victory of Malaysia won the Thomas Cup in 1992 is made of .925 sterling silver and minted in Birmingham Mint. A total of 2,500 sets of this medallion minted for worldwide sale.

In the banknote session, 10 lots have been withdrawn (Lot 199, Lot 200, Lot 240, Lot 241, Lot 242, Lot 243, Lot 244, Lot 268, Lot 293 & Lot 344). Most of the lots withdrawn are Malaysia specimen banknote. Except for lot 344, I am not sure what is the reason for other withdrawn lots.

Trigometric Auction 4 start at 9.30 am and end at 3.50pm.

Other Highlights:
  • Lot 57-Malaysia 1969 1 Ringgit Proof Bank Negara Annivesary NGC PF 62. Quantity issued only 1,000pcs. Sold for RM1,200.
  • Lot 84-Malaysia 2003, Non Aligned Movement Proof set of 3, RM1, RM10 Silver & Gold RM100. Sold for RM3,600.
  • Lot 187-4 pcs 10 Ringgit Replacement 2nd Series Sign. Ismail Md.Ali sold for RM23,000. 
    1. Serial no.Z/1 608642 EF light foxing
    2. Serial no.Z/2 042518 GVF light foxing
    3. Serial no.Z/3 052069 VF light foxing
    4. Serial no.Z/4 023165 AU-UNC top left corner foxing.
  • Lot 196-50 Ringgit 2nd Series Sign. Ismail Md.Ali (KNB10d:P10a) Replacement note Serial no. Z/1 536123 PMG 65EPQ. Rare in this Condition. Sold for RM6,000.
  • Lot 366-10 pcs Low number 10 Ringgit 3rd Series Signed by Ismail Md.Ali, Low no. F/32 000001 - 000010. all AU-UNC minor foxing sold for RM25,000.
  • Lot 
  • Lot 392-50 Ringgit 4th Series Sign Aziz Taha Ladder no. B/90 123456 PMG 64 UNC. Sold for RM21,000.
  • Lot 403-10 Ringgit 8th Series . Sign Ahmad Don Solid no. AA 3333333 PMG 64EPQ. Sold for RM16,000.
  • Lot 404-50 Ringgit 8th Series . Sign Ahmad Don Solid no. AA 3333333 PMG 66EPQ. Sold for RM32,000.
  • Lot 480-China First cover year of a monkey sold for RM4,400.

Buyer premium is 15% for floor bid and 18% for internet bidding. 6% GST is added for the buyer premium.

(All price excluding buyer premium & 6% gst unless stated otherwise)

You can view full video for the auction here:

1st session:

2nd session:

Congratulations to Trigometric Auction team for a very successful Trigometric Auction 4. Looking forward for Trigometric Auction 5 next year.