Friday, April 30, 2010

Unanswered question for April 2010

Every month, there is over a dozen question asked by my reader about coin, banknote, collection, item price and accessories that related to numismatic world. I cannot answer some of the question because I cannot find any information about it. I am sharing it in here for anyone to give answer for that question. Just make sure you don't spam me with unrelated link. I am editing some of this question to make sure it is relevant to this blog. Keep on giving me question to I will try to answered them.

Photo by Wikipedia: Japanese invasion money.

This month, only one unanswered question for April 2010. Navin asked me about Japanese propaganda money. I am not collecting this kind of banknote because I don't have enough information about them. I too want to know if there is any good books that will help me to understand this notes better. The Japanese dollar was one of several forms of Japanese invasion money issued throughout the then newly expanded Empire of Japan. Similar currencies were issued in Japanese-occupied Burma (as the Japanese rupee), the Dutch East Indies (as the Japanese guilder) and the Philippines (as the Japanese peso). Almost all of the notes contained the text (The Japanese Government “Promise To Pay The Bearer On Demand”).

Navin also asked about Malaysia specimen banknote. I know some of you are collector of this banknote, please share your information in here.

Question by Navin:


I am currently doing some research on the Japanese propaganda banknotes. I have book written by Wong from Singapore as a reference for the time being. I have been also searching for this banknotes for some time but its not easy to find...Since you are more longer/experience in this field, i have some questions as below :

a) I only know the Japanese banknote $5, $10 , $100 and $ 1000 over printed as VJ victory is genuine although there are some fake ones. Do you know other type of over printing ( other stamp marks ) which is also genuine ( probably during communist time ? ) I have seen some Japanese banknotes over printed in different stamps in the Internet but not sure its genuine...

b) Probably i am not finding the notes in correct way....Do you think these VJ printing, banknotes with calendar of 1945 and 'Wang Jepun akan mati sama Jepun' is easy to find in market? Is the price stated in KN Boon or Steven Tan book is reasonable or too low?

c) Do you have some books which i can have as a reference regarding this banknotes?

d) Do you have these banknotes or you know other people who wanted to sell this banknotes?

e) Besides that, for Malaysian specimen banknotes, we dont have a price reference....Is it a buyer willingness or you have some price reference?

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