Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hong Kong & Macau Numismatic Reference 1st edition

First of all, I want to congratulate Trigometric Sdn Bhd for their new catalogue; "Hong Kong & Macau Numismatic Reference 1st edition". The books published by International Numismatic Foundation discusses about Hong Kong banknotes & coins along with Macau banknotes.

Numismatic Reference

According to Trigometric, market prices that written in the book is based on the Hong Kong dollar not Malaysia Ringgit. They also told me reference code in this book will be used as a Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) reference code. The book has been released by Trigometric on 24 July 2014. They publish this book for the Hong Kong and Macau market but they also planned to sell quarter of their books in Malaysia.

Book Contents:
Hong Kong coins
1. British Trade Dollar
2. Queen Victoria
3. King Edward VII
4. King George V
5. King George VI
6. Queen Elizabeth II
7. Bauhinia Flower Series
8. Commemorative coins series
9. Commemorative gold coins series

Hong Kong & Macau Banknotes
10. Asiatic Banking Corporation
11. The Oriental Bank Corporation
12. Agra & United Service Bank Limited
13. The Bank of Hindustan, China & Japan
14. The Commercial Bank Corporation of India & The East
15. The National Bank of China Limited
16. Hong Kong Japanese Occupation Issues
17. Mercantile Bank Limited
18. Government of Hong Kong
19. Government of Hong Kong Emmergency Issue
20. Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
21. Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
22. Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
23. Banco Da China (Macau)
24. Banco Nacional Ultramarino (Macau)
25. Hong Kong Commemorative issues
26. Banco Da China (Macau) Commemorative issues
27. Banco Nacional Ultramarino (Macau) Commemorative issues
28. Hong Kong Uncut Banknotes
29. Macau Uncut Banknotes

I'd love to see how they provide pictures to explain about coin varieties for some coins. Hopefully in the future edition they can provide a complete pictures for the coin varieties and also a section for Macau coins. All the coins and banknotes pictures are in full color.

1st edition of KN Boon educational reference book for Hong Kong & Macau. The catalog cover information, pictures and market value for Hong Kong banknotes & coins along with Macau banknotes from 1846 until 2014.
Published by: International Numismatic Foundation
Date published: 07/24/2014
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 9-789834-331375
Available in Paperback
Release Price: RM75
Pages: 300

You can visit Trigometric Sdn Bhd at Amcorp Mall to get your copies of the book. Special price will be given to all Trigo Members and for all dealer. You can also order the book via phone or email and they will send it to you using poslaju (poslaju charges RM10 for Peninsular).

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Thank you to Trigometric Sdn Bhd for the complimentary copy.