Monday, July 23, 2012

New banknotes look like hell notes?

They're picture circulating around public forum and Facebook showing pictures of new Malaysia banknotes with a set of hell banknotes. The hell notes are in a set of 2, 100, 500 and 10,000 dollar and put beside new Malaysia notes that are identical in color (2 dollars hell note beside 1 ringgit new Malaysia note, 500 dollars hell note beside 5 ringgit new Malaysia note,100 dollars hell note beside 100 ringgit new Malaysia note, 10,000 dollars hell note beside 20 ringgit new Malaysia note). Like any normal hell banknotes, its bear an image of the Jade Emperor, the presiding monarch of heaven in Taoism. Malaysia new banknote show a portrait of Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia 1st YDP Agong.

Hell note

Some of people who circulating the pictures said that the hell notes has been produced earlier then the new Malaysia banknotes. Many of them think that the new banknotes has just been released on 16 July 2012. Exactly, Malaysia new banknotes design has been released by Bank Negara Malaysia since 21 December 2011. Many collectors has bought a set of the banknotes sold by Bank Negara as a collector item with the same serial number starting on the next day. I know many of you are not a collector but please get your fact right before you give any opinion. Its not the new banknotes that duplicate the hell banknotes but it is the other way around. Nowadays, almost anything new that Malaysian or Malaysia government introduced will be politicized or given a bad impression by our own public. I don't know what is the exact intention people who release the picture want but as what I know, it is an offensive thing for Chinese to give Hell notes to a living person. Maybe their intention is for public to reject the new banknotes as it look like a hell banknotes.

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