Sunday, February 5, 2012

What do you think of the new coins?

Every time I had a chance, I will asked people, "what do you think of the new coins?" For anyone who still don't know, Malaysia already using a new series of coins, Malaysia 3rd series coins starting 16 January. If you're not a regular readers of my blog, you can read more about the new circulation coins news in my post; New coin start circulate 16 January 2012. On the first week of the coin release, most people who I interview in Bank, Poslaju, Market or Fast Food Outlets don't know a new series of coins will be out for circulation. A bank cashier even asked me how the new coins will be look like. After Chinese New Year, I can see the coins start to circulate with the old bunga raya coins

new 50 sen coin

Last Thursday, I saw a lady in his 40's angrily shouting at a Watson cashier for giving her a token instead a normal Malaysia coin change. After an explanation by the cashier and his manager, the lady go out from the Watson outlet with a red face since everyone around there are watching the scene. A guy who just take a coin change from a parking machine keep on looking at the shiny coins. When I ask him what happen, he asked me when Malaysia start using new coins? For collector like us, we are eagerly waiting for the new coins to circulate because that will make a new list of thing to collect for us. Most non-collector don't care about the new coin existence. If you love this hobby, you should promote or at least educate others about the new coins. Who know, your explanation will bring your friends into this hobbies, the more the merrier, right? 

Here are what most people reply to my question:

  • Malaysia have new coins?
  • Until now, I haven't seen any new coins.
  • Will keep the coins because I feel it's beautiful.
  • Very light, you don't feel the coins in your pocket.
  • The coins look like an amusement park token.
  • The design look like Euro coins.
  • The color and design of the 20 sen and 50 sen are almost the same.
  • The design of the coins don't represent Malaysia.
  • When I drop the coin, it don't make any sound, I will probably missing a 20 sen.
  • Customer mad at me because they think I give fake coins.
  • How about the old 2nd series coins? Can I still use it?
  • The design look like a chocolate gold coins.
  • Why Bank Negara don't announce the new coin release date?
  • Where can I change the old bunga raya coins?
  • What the date will be, 2011 or 2012?
  • The size of 10 sen and 5 sen are almost the same, I am having problem to give correct change.

How about you? What your opinion about the new coins?
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