Friday, September 23, 2011

Sasana Kijang location

The new Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery already open for public. Many of you might be wondering, where is the new Sasana Kijang location. I am planning to go there tomorrow and Google for some information on the location of the new Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Money Museum. Exactly, Sasana Kijang wasn't just house new BNM Museum but also training facilities, offices, conference halls and BNM Knowledge Management Centre, among other. The Sasana Kijang is not far away from BNM Headquarters at Jalan Dato Onn but not everyone is familiar with Kuala Lumpur, right? You can look at the map provided (just click for large view).

Sasana Kijang Map
Click for larger view

If you came from KLIA, you can go to KL Sentral using ERL (Express Rail Link). In KL Sentral, there is many public transportation that you can find. If you're using taxi, just asked them to go to Sasana Kijang or New BNM Money Museum., the fare should be around RM10 from KL Sentral. If you want to walk a little bit, go find a KTM Komuter or Star LRT and buy a ticket to Bank Negara, the fare will be around RM2.00. When you arrived at that place, look for a hill near that place, the new Sasana Kijang is on that hill. Its around 2KM Walk and its normally hot in Kuala Lumpur (the best way is to stop at Bank Negara KTM Komuter Station, you can asked police station there). The new BNM Complex are also near Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman and Memorial Tun Hussein Onn.

BNM Complex
Picture by BNM Official Facebook page: New BNM Complex.

In the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery you can view Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Economics Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery, Numismatics Gallery, Children's Gallery and the Central Bank's art collection at the Art Gallery. The Museum and Art Gallery operation hour is from 10am to 6pm daily. Admission is free. Ample parking is available at LG4 and LG5 (basement parking) at Sasana Kijang. Parking fee is RM3.00 per entry.

Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato' Onn, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Visit time: 10am-6pm. Everyday including Saturday & Sunday.
Parking: LG4 & LG5. RM3 per entry.
GPS Coordinates & Position: N03 09.439 E101 41.456

BNM also provide guided tours for groups of visitors from schools, universities and non-profit organisations. The tour is free of charge and must be booked in advance. Applications for the guided tour should be made at least two weeks before the date of the requested visit. Please contact BNMTELELINK via email at or call 1-300-88-5465 (for request from overseas, please call: +603-2174-1717) for details or further query related to visiting the Bank.