Sunday, June 19, 2016

KN Boon 8th edition book

On 19 June 2016, KN Boon 8th edition book, 1786-2016 Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore, Banknotes & Coins officially have been released for collectors. This is not just a numismatic reference book but consider as a collectible items for numismatic collectors.

Last year, most collectors bought at least 2 copies of the KN Boon 7th edition book, one for their everyday reference and one for their collectible item collection.

This year, when the news about the book come out today in Facebook, many collectors already asked Trigo Amcorp Mall (Trigometric Sdn Bhd Official Facebook account) about the book price and make booking for the book.

Like last year, only 5,000 copies of the books are printed by Trigometric. The new edition book is a lot heavier and thicker then the previous edition. This is because of the new sections added in the new book.

KN Boon

8th edition of the Malaysia Brunei & Singapore Banknotes & Coins, a complete education reference for Numismatic Collector. The Banknotes & coins Catalog cover Straits Settlements, Malaya, North Borneo, Penang, Sarawak, British Trade Dollar, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei currency.
Published by: Trigometric Sdn Bhd
Date published: 06/19/2016
Edition: 8th Edition
ISBN: 978-983-43313-8-2
Available in Paperback

A must have numismatic book for Malaysia banknotes and coins collectors, this new edition is 616 pages thick compare to the previous edition 496 pages.

47 pages of the much awaited Malaya Rubber export coupons section has been added in the book. At least 87 new catalog numbers has been added for Malaya Rubber export coupons. They are many unlisted Malaya Rubber export coupons added in this catalog including some of the proof and specimen coupons. Many Malaya Rubber export coupons before 1940 added in the book, some of them I have never seen before.

I should add, according to my interview with Trigometric today, most of the images for Malaya Rubber export coupons taken by Master Sifu KN Boon himself. In my opinion, images taken were very good, the color display in the book for the Malaya Rubber export coupons is the same as the original coupons.

Most of the coupons added in the books own by collectors, you can read about it in the image reference section, at the back of the book.

Trigometric told me there was little mistake in printing for page 301, the 25 katis normal coupon image is added in the page instead of the 25 katis Specimen coupon image.

Maybe in the new edition, the information for the coupons printers are added in the future catalog.

Another new section is private estate currency, Loke Yew estate. Four (4) denominations of the token notes, printed by Waterlow & Sons added in the book.

For Malaysia coins, they manage to add the latest Yayasan Sabah Commemorative coins in the catalog. For Malaysia circulation coins, they are still no updated mintage provided by Bank Negara Malaysia.

For this new edition book, the picture of Malaysia banknotes are without the signature of the governor and the words "WANG KERTAS INI SAH DIPERLAKUKAN DENGAN NILAI". It is directive of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) that Trigometric Sdn Bhd need to comply to get approval from BNM.

They put the signature of the governor below the title of the banknote series.

Book Price
The price for the new book is RM75 (without gst) per book or RM79.50 including gst for single book.

For bulk order, minimum is five (5) copies, RM67 (without gst) per book or RM71.02 including gst.

For member price, RM70 (without gst) per book or RM74.02 including gst. Only 1 book is allowed per member. Please bring your Trigometric member card.

Trigometric Sdn Bhd also received order for outstation buyer, you can email or contact them via information provided below to confirm prices for postage. They have special packaging for the books to ensure that the book reaches you in good mint condition.

KN Boon books

You can visit Trigometric Sdn Bhd at Amcorp Mall to get your copies of the book.

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