Monday, September 15, 2014

Special Malaysia notes auction by MNP Auctioneers Sdn Bhd

MNP Auctioneers Sdn Bhd has released some information about Special Malaysia notes auction on 27 September 2014 at Auditorium, Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), Kuala Lumpur. 231 lots of Fancy Number Malaysian Banknotes (Low Number, Solid and Ladder) will be in the public auction, the first public auction sold on behalf of BNM.

MNP Auctioneers

On March 2014, Bank Negara has been inviting Malaysian auctioneers to state their Expression of Interest to be pre-qualified to auction Malaysian Banknotes, you can read them in this article; BNM invites auctioneers to auction Malaysian Banknotes.

On September 10, Bank Negara has released a Press Statement about the auction:

Auction of Malaysian Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers
"Bank Negara Malaysia will be conducting the inaugural public auction of Malaysian banknotes with special serial numbers on 27 September 2014 in the Auditorium Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia. The auction will be conducted by the Bank’s appointed auctioneer, MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn. Bhd. (MNP).

The purpose of the auction is to provide equal opportunity to all members of the public to obtain these coveted banknotes with special serial numbers such as CC8888888 or AY1234567. These special serial number banknotes command premium in the collectors’ market. The auction will also serve one of the initiatives by Bank Negara Malaysia to promote interest and greater appreciation in numismatics amongst the general public.

The proceeds from the auction will be channelled to support the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes of the Bank including the provision of free gadgets to assist the visually impaired and small retailers in identifying and authenticate banknotes. The proceeds will also be used for outreach programmes to educate the public on the techniques to authenticate banknotes and coins as well as the proper handling of polymer banknotes."

Before performing the actual auction, MNP Auctioneers will be making a demonstration about the banknote auction process at their MNP’s Kuala Lumpur Office & MNP’s Penang Office:
-Demonstration and Understanding of Banknote Auction Process (Kuala Lumpur).
Thursday, 18 September 2014, 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

-Demonstration and Understanding of Banknote Auction Process (Penang).
Saturday, 20 September 2014, 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Here are brief summary of the auction:
RM1 notes (53 lots)
Low number (0000001 – 0000010) RM1 notes- RM200.
Solid number (1111111 – 9999999) RM1 notes- RM20-RM180.
Ladder number(1234567 & 7654321) RM1 notes- RM50-RM60

RM5 notes (32 lots)
Low number (0000001 – 0000010) RM5 notes- RM1000.
Solid number (1111111 – 9999999) RM5 notes- RM100-RM150.
Ladder number(1234567 & 7654321) RM5 notes- RM125-RM150.

RM10 notes (21 lots)
Low number (0000001 – 0000010) RM10 notes- RM1050.
Solid number (1111111 – 9999999) RM10 notes- RM150.
Ladder number(1234567 & 7654321) RM10 notes- RM150.

RM20 notes (36 lots)
Low number (0000001 – 0000010) RM20 notes- RM1100.
Solid number (1111111 – 9999999) RM20 notes- RM300-RM500.
Ladder number(1234567 & 7654321) RM20 notes- RM200-RM250.

RM50 notes (74 lots)
Low number (0000001 – 0000010) RM50 notes- RM250-RM2000.
Solid number (1111111 – 9999999) RM50 notes- RM500-RM700.
Ladder number(1234567 & 7654321) RM50 notes- RM250-RM300.

RM100 notes (14 lots)
Low number (0000001 – 0000010) RM100 notes- none.
Solid number (1111111 – 9999999) RM100 notes- RM550-RM1000.
Ladder number(1234567 & 7654321) RM100 notes- RM350.

Auction Of Malaysian Banknotes With Special Serial Numbers
Auditorium, Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia
Saturday, 27 September 2014

Session & Time:
Session 1 – 10.00 a.m. – RM1 & RM5 Banknotes
Session 2 – 11.30 a.m. – RM10 & RM20 Banknotes
Session 3 – 12.30 p.m. – RM50 & RM100 Banknotes

Basic Auction Procedures
  • Bring along your identity card or passport along with RM300 cash/ bank draft/ cashier’s order, made payable to the auctioneer for registration, recording and verification purposes.
  • Bring an authorization letter if you are bidding on someone else’s behalf.
  • Upon registration, you will be given a bid paddle affixed with an identification number for bidding purpose – do not lose the paddle as it represents your identity and eligibility to bid.
  • Be attentive to the auction time sequence and bidding increments of the Lot(s) that you are prepared to bid for – listen to the auctioneer/auction presenter carefully.
  • Raise the bid paddle only when you intend to make a bid. Knocking of hammer by the auctioneer concludes the sale of the particular Lot.
  • Return the paddle to collect your RM300.00 deposit refund if you have failed or are unsuccessful during the entire auction.
  • Successful bidder will be issued an invoice statement indicating the purchased balance amount and the full payment is to be paid within seven working (7) days from the auction date – arrange with the auctioneer for collection of the winning Lot(s).
  • Kindly approach our friendly officers on duty for any assistance and enquiries.

Public Enquiry
Interested bidders are advised to contact MNP Auctioneers Sdn Bhd or visit MNP Auctioneers Sdn Bhd office for more information. Banknotes to be auctioned will not be available for viewing at our office or during auction. Image of selected banknotes can be viewed at MNP Auctioneers Sdn Bhd website.

All lots sold through floor bidding, telephone or authorized bids are subject to a Buyer's Premium of 15% of the Hammer price, payable by the successful bidder in addition to the hammer price.

I don't see any single ten million prefix note in the auction and I also can see only few AA prefix notes in the auction too (correct me if I'm wrong). Is this a test by BNM before they're making the "real auction" or this is the only Malaysian Banknotes With Special Serial Numbers in their possession? Good luck to all my friends who will be bidding the special prefix notes. You can read more about the auction at MNP website;