Saturday, October 19, 2013

1969 50 sen Milled Edge Sold RM10,253

On 19 October 2013, a new record for The Most Expensive Malaysia circulation coin sold in Auction broken today when a 1969 50 sen Milled edge coin sold for SGD4012 or RM10,253 (including buyer premium) in Numismatic Society Asia (NSA) Auction at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore. The winning bidder is an Internet bidder via and the total Buyer Premium is 18%. The 1969 Freak w/o security edge graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) Au- 55 with estimate price SGD1,600 - SGD2,500.

"The Latest Auction in Singapore, 50 sen 1969 Milled Edge sold RM81,846"

50 sen 1969

On 27 March 2013, Malaysia 1 sen 1976 make it into the record for The Most Expensive Malaysia Circulation coin when a bid in Monetarium Singapore Auction closed at SGD$2,600 (excluding tax and commision). The coin graded By Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as Bronze: 1-Sen 1976 (KM1) PCGS MS65 RD.

50 sen 1967

Another 50 sen Milled edge coin, 1967 50 sen Milled edge graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) Au 55 sold for SGD1092 (including buyer premium).

Here are other highlights of the auction relating to Malaysia Numismatic:

wwf coin

Lot 368: Malaysia: 1976 Conservation Commemorative, 3pcs set.
Malaysia: 1976 Conservation Commemorative: Silver RM 15 NGC MS65; Silver RM 25 MS66; Gold RM 500 NGC MS64. 3pcs set.
Sold SGD4,140 (including buyer premium)

silver 1 ringgit

Lot 439: 1 ringgit 1982 struck on a 20 sen planchet.
Malaysia, 1989, C-N 1 ringgit, mint error, struck on a 20 sen planchet, weight 5.7gm, rare error. NGC MS 63.
Sold SGD345 (including buyer premium)

5 sen 1982

Lot 428: 5 sen 1982 mirror brockage on reverse
Malaysia, 1982, C-N 5 sen, mint error, mirror brockage on reverse. NGC MS 65.
Sold SGD437 (including buyer premium)

5 sen 1978

Lot 430: 5 sen 1978 struck with two obverse dies
Malaysia, 1978, C-N 5 sen, mint error, struck with two obverse dies, unusual error. PCGS MS 65.
Sold SGD575 (including buyer premium)

1 sen 1970

Lot 364: 1 sen 1970 NGC MS 64 RD
Malaysia 1c, 1970, NGC MS 64 RD.
Sold SGD322 (including buyer premium)

1954 Malaya

Lot 344: 1954 Malaya & British Borneo 50 cents Milled Edge
Malaya & British Borneo, C-N, 50c, 1954, Freak. w/o security edge. KM#4.2 NGC graded. NGC Au50.
Sold SGD805 (including buyer premium)

1961 Malaya

Lot 345: 1961 Malaya & British Borneo 50 cents Milled Edge
Malaya & British Borneo, C-N 50c, 1961, Freak w/o security edge. KM#4.2. NGC Au 55.
Sold SGD862 (including buyer premium)

A rare private banknote, Johor Constantinople Estate 1 dollar banknote only manage to get SGD10,000 in the same auction. 

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