Saturday, May 10, 2014

Most expensive Malaysia circulation coin

At the moment (11 May 2014), the most expensive Malaysia circulation coin (in terms of realised auction value) is a 1968 50 sen Milled Edge realized SGD7,670 (RM19,942) including buyer premium in Collectibles Auction Asia CAA Auction No. 3 at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore on 19 April 2014. The finest known example (the only one with MS66 grade) of the 1968 50 sen Milled Edge is a former collection of Mr. Wong Hon Sum graded MS66 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

50 sen 1968
Malaysia most expensive coin

The Milled Edge (sisi bergerigi) won by a Malaysian who bid it online. To all newbies, the coin is not a normal 50 sen security edge (sisi berparit) but a freak coin with a milled edge. You can find plenty of security edge 50 sen 1968 coin in circulation but a Milled Edge coin especially in this condition (MS66 grade) is a very hard to find.

The previous record for Malaysia most expensive coin also held by a Milled Edge coin, a 1969 50 sen Milled edge coin sold in Numismatic Society Asia-NSA (They already change name to Collectibles Auction Asia) Auction at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore on 19 October 2013. The bidder from Sungai Petani, Kedah who bid the auction via won the 1969 Freak w/o security edge graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) Au-55 for SGD4012 or RM10,253 (including buyer premium).

1969 50 sen

When the news about the 50 sen 1969 sold for over RM10K broke out nationally via many local newspaper. Many newbies who think that they also have the same 1969 coin called me, any coin collectors phone number that they can found in internet and every coin dealer that they can contact or meet personally. The news cause havoc and the thing keep going on for over few months. Until today, I still get one silly question about 50 sen 1967, 1968 and 1969 per day.

To all newbies who still don't understand what is Milled edge and what is security edge for Malaysia 50 sen 1967-1969, I already explain about it in this article; Information about 50 sen 1967, 1968 & 1969 coins. Please read them carefully so you will understand that the "50 sen berparit" in your possesion only worth few ringgit and not worth thousands of Ringgit.

Do you think the record for Malaysia most expensive circulation coin will be broken again? What coin will top the chart in the future or do you think this record will stand for a very long time?