Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You need extra money right? Check your coin.

You must have many coins in your piggy bank. Some put them in there to use in rainy day. While some just want to bank in them later. Please don't do any of the above before you check that coin. Your coin maybe will help you add up a bit of your money.

For updated price of Malaysia coin, you can go to my new blog at; Malaysia Coin. Just look under labels "Harga". The blog is still new, some denomination are still in progress, give me some time to write the list. Thank you.

This is about Malaysia coin only. If not I need to write a few thousand pages for every coin in the world. Anyway, the concept is almost the same for any coin but please check standard catalogue for your country first.
If you got 1 sen coin, please feel free to check for year 1968 and 1970. This is because the mintage for 1968 is only 10,500,000 and the price for UNC is around RM20 per piece. The mintage for 1970 is 2,535,000 and the price for UNC is around RM50. For year 1976, you need to check for bronze variety. It is extremly rare but totally worth it because the price is around RM800 per piece for UNC. For 1979, you need to check for nickel variety because the price for UNC is RM3,100. A rare item that only a few lucky person can find this.

If you got 5 sen coin, feel free to check for year 1971 (mintage 16,657,712; UNC price=RM6),
1977 (mintage 10,609,162; UNC price=RM6) &
1982 (with extra "dot" on parliment house; UNC price=RM140).

For 10 sen, please don't ever missed 1971 coin because the mintage is only 32,326 and the price for UNC is around RM120.

If you got 20 sen coin, please check for year
1970 (mintage 1,054,000; UNC price=RM22),
1971 (mintage 9,958,000; UNC price=RM10),
1978 (mintage 6,847,000; UNC price=RM12) &
1994 (mintage 2,680,339; UNC price=RM45).

If you got 50 sen coin, please check for year
1969 (mintage 2,000,000; UNC price=RM150),
1979 (extra dot; UNC price=RM150), &
1995 (mintage 1,650,423; UNC price=RM20).
Don't forget to check for security thread for 1967, 1968 & 1969. The coin without the security thread is price around RM1,000 for UNC.

Next time when you want to used that 50 sen coin, 20 sen or 10 sen coin, please check the year it been minted first. If you don't know where to sale your item or how much the value of your item. Feel free to e-mail me with the real picture of your item.