Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Malaysia Coin Collector Cards crazy

Do you still remember 2 years ago in 2010, Malaysian coin collectors don't even look at coin collectors cards. Some coin dealers are selling them for RM20 a piece but not many people want to buy them including me. Today, many Malaysian collector are coin card crazy, everyone want to make a complete set. I remember at that time, I saw a Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XII coin cards on sell for only RM20. I don't feel that I want to collect coin cards at that moment. I only buy few coins that look beautiful to me in design but I will open it from the card and put it in a coin capsule. I feel that coin cards are meant for kids. I don't exactly collect coin card until this year when my son is born. I still don't like to collect coin card but I keep at least one copy with its original cards.

coin card

What exactly is coin collector card?
Many new and old collector confuse what exactly is coin card? Some were saying that Sepang F1 coins is a coin card. What exactly is coin card? Most of the coin card are produce in Brilliant uncirculated condition and it came in a "card form" with information about the coin on the card.

I don't have the card with me, only coin
Like proof coin, coin card price are also affected by the condition of the coin and condition of the card. If you remove that coin from its card, the price will drop around 40%. If the coin is not in BU condition because of mishandling, the price also will drop around 20%. If your card is in bad condition, the price will also drop depends on the condition of the card. Just beware, they are some sellers out there who sell their coin card with a very bad card, toning and mark on coins for the price as same as the normal coin cards. The price should be lower then the original market price.

Malaysia coin card price drop
Before raya, they're some price drop on some of the coin cards; Thomas Cup and Hockey world cup. I think one or two sellers are selling around 100 pieces of the coins among all coin dealers in Kuala Lumpur. The price of hockey world cup coin drop to RM50 from a high price of RM150. This kind of thing will be happening again because some of the coin cards collector are exactly investor. When they need money, they will sell their collection.

Coin Card manipulator
Is there are such thing as Coin Card manipulator? Yes.., they're coin collector card investor, for some people who have enough fund, I do think they can manipulate the coin card market price. Some of them already start to manipulate Malaysia coin price long time ago. I think some of you already knew them but what can you do? You need that coin card to complete your collection. Coin selling is a business, one day, it will be big business in Malaysia if we have many collector like in USA. Who know, right?

Some coin card mintage are 10,000 pcs, why is it so hard to find?
I think it is hard to find some coin collectors card in coin dealer shop nowadays because people are looking for them. If they saw it, they will instantly grab it. Like I said earlier, they are also coin card investor who keep a large amount of the coin cards and will only sell them when their price going up according to their target. You also need to understand that Bank Negara malaysia limited mintage of 10,000 meant that the mint will produce a maximum of 10,000 for that coins. Most of the time, they don't even produce at full mintage capacity especially during the Royal Mint Malaysia era. Official information is for the maximum mintage not actual mintage of the coins.

I think that will be enough talk about Malaysia coin collector cards today. How about you? Do you collect coin cards?