Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am not a collector

Have you read my post yesterday, tonight I want to cry? Look like nobody guess the correct answer, I thought I want to give a free copy of Sa-ribu ringgit banknote to the lucky winner but since nobody give a correct reply.., lucky me. Hahahahaha. Just Joking. For the 1st case, I am sad because every time I found damage coins or banknotes because of mishandling or improper keeping by the original owner, when I asked them why don't you take care your collection, the answer will be, "I am not a collector". If you're not a collector and you read this, please read carefully, "You're not a collector but one day, you need to sell your collection, please learn how to keep your collection properly!" If you're a collector, you must have non-collector friends who you know own a collection, please share this post with them, so they can realize that improper care of coins and banknotes will devalue their collection.

PATA 1986 coins

For the 1st case, you can see a 1986 PATA silver proof coin set of two complete with a box. The box is in a very bad condition, almost all the corner torn, the hinge already have extra sound and you can also see the metal box inside get some rust. The $5 coin already became dull and not shiny. The $1 coin reverse looks OK but the obverse have plenty oxidation spots. Both obverse and reverse of the $5 coin also have many oxidation trace on them. For non-collector, this is nothing, the coin still has some value but for coin collector, if you really know the value of this kind of coin, you will not buy it for your collection.

proof oxidation

oxidation spot

Many non-collector don't know, If any coins that come with a box and a certificate, it must come with a coin, box and certificate to make it a complete set. If that coin don't have a box, it will lose around 15% of the value, add another 15% if it don't have the certificate. Its already 30%, You need to add around 30% if you want to sell it through a dealer (If they want to buy it), You already lose around 60% from a market value. A mistake that you can avoid if you give proper care to your coins or banknotes. Many non-collectors also don't know that a coin box like this are consider as don't have any box since its in bad shape, no collector will want to buy the coin, unless the dealer need to reduce the price for the coins without a box.

For coins in these kind of condition, its already lose its numismatic value, people buy it just for its metal value, minus 30% dealer price. You should not touch your proof coin even with a tweezer! A scratch on a proof coin is like a scratch on your pocket, the big amount of scratch will make you losing a big amount of money. Most collector like to see the original shine of the coin. If your coin already look dull like this and you want to try make it shine, please don't. Cleaned coin will also make the coin price drop. 

Even if you're not a collector, please learn how to properly take care your collection. You pay some amount of money to buy it, its an investment. If you don't properly take care your investment, you will lose your money. You will be lucky if someone want to buy it from you. If not.., every night before going to sleep you will be thinking about profit that you cannot get because you're not collector. I am not a collector is not an excuse, you pay, its your collection before you sell it to other people. Learn how to properly take care your investment or you will regret it one day.