Friday, December 23, 2011

Duit Baru Malaysia

Gambar duit baru Malaysia, "Malaysia new money pictures".
In here, I am sharing with everyone, Malaysia new currency design 2012. You can find information and specifications of Malaysia new banknotes including pictures in my blog. In my opinion, the new Malaysia banknotes, "Distinctively Malaysia" are the most beautiful design for Malaysia banknotes. I hope Bank Negara Malaysia will try to submit an application to join IBNS banknote of the year. Everyone (especially collectors) in Malaysia has been waiting for the new banknotes since the announcement this year. Many Malaysian has been seen line up at all BNM branches to buy the commemorative banknotes since Thursday. You cannot buy them online since BNM don't have any online shop.


new banknote
Picture by Sinar Harian: Malaysia new banknote

RM20 banknote

Duit baru

RM100 banknote-Natural Wonders

RM50 banknote-Agriculture and Technology

RM20 banknote-Marine Life

RM10 banknote-Flora

RM5 polymer banknote-Widlife

RM1 polymer banknote-Traditional Sport

For complete information of the banknote, you can read here; Malaysia 4th series banknotes
You can also watch a video of the banknotes here; New Malaysia banknotes video.
Press release by BNM for the new commemorative banknote here; Malaysia new banknote 2012.