Monday, August 8, 2011

BNM reply on new duit syiling issue

BNM reply on new duit syiling issue in their Official Facebook Fanpage. Many blogger begin to manipulating a new Malaysian 10 sen coin motif on the reverse look like a Star of David in Israel flag. The new issue has became a hot topic for Malaysian Coin Collector enthusiast. The funny thing is that they altered the coin motif to make it look like Star of David. It show how they are eagerly want to create a controversy from nothing. To anyone who don't know, BNM has announce Malaysia 2012 coins design for the public on July 2011.

Bank Negara Malaysia Official reply about Israel Star on 10 sen coin:

Kami ingin menegaskan bahawa motif yg digunakan pada duit syiling 10 sen adalah motif Orang Asli (yang diambil dari bentuk anyaman perhiasan Orang Asli Malaysia) dan tidak ada kena mengena bahkan tidak serupa dengan 'Star of David'. Pihak Bank Negara Malaysia telah menjalankan kajian terperinci dan mengumpul segala maklumat serta gambar mengenai kraf dan budaya Malaysia sebelum dan semasa membuat reka bentuk duit syiling baharu siri ketiga. Sila fahami dengan lebih jelas mengenai motif-motif yang digunakan pada duit syiling malaysia siri ketiga di laman sesawang kami​ns

English translation: We would like to emphasize that the motives used on the 10 cent coin is the motive of the Orang Asli (taken from a form of decorative woven Aboriginal Malaysia) and has nothing to do and not even identical with the 'Star of David'. The Central Bank has been conducting surveys and gathering information and pictures about the craft and culture of Malaysia before and during the design of the new third series of coins. Please understand more clearly the motives used in malaysia third series of coins in our website​ns

I don't think Malaysian will stop speculating about it with this statement. When you alter something to the evidence, will the court accept it? I think this is the same thing here. I am supporting BNM in this issue. How about any of you? To learn more about what I am talking about, you can also search "Duit syiling baru bermotif israel".