Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pasar Warisan Seremban-Seremban Flea Market

Its been almost 3 years since my last visit to Pasar Warisan Seremban (Seremban Flea Market), article that I wrote below is in November 2013 (my 1st visit in 2010). Pasar Warisan Seremban or Pasar Karat Seremban is located along Jalan Utam Singh, Seremban. It operates every Sunday from 7.00 am to 5.00 pm. This flea market at Jalan Utam Singh has been opening since 1st May 2008. The previous Seremban flea market open at Jalan Lee Sam.


Today, I visit Pasar Warisan Seremban with Sifu Dickson Niew before we visit The Seremban old Currencies & Stamp Exhibition (Pameran Matawang & Setem Lama Seremban) at Palm Mall, Seremban.





The flea market is still held in the same place and some of the old sellers are still there, some new faces (since my last visit in 2013) can be seen selling coins and banknotes.

The weather this morning was cloudy, there are some sellers who are not selling because they do not want their stuff exposed to rain.

These are coins and banknotes sellers that we meet today at Pasar Warisan Seremban:


flea market seller

Seremban coin dealer

malay dealer

jackson wong

Wong Ai Wah

----------Below is my old post about Pasar Warisan Seremban---------

This is my first hunting trip at this place (11 July 2010) after reading about it in Fazil Numismatic Blog.

Pasar Karat


Pasar Besar

Seremban map

I am not very familiar with Seremban and not much detail about this flea market in the Internet but I manage to find it after asking people around (near Seremban) for about one hour. The easiest ways to find this place are to look for Pasar Besar Seremban, Bank Simpanan Nasional or Maybank in Seremban town. If you're asking about Jalan Utam Singh or Pasar Karat, u most probably will be end up like me, received almost similar answer "tak tahu" (Don't know). Look like most people in Seremban don't know that this flea market even exist. Parking is not a big problem since not many people coming to this flea market. This market is under Seremban Municipal Council jurisdiction and Sunday is a free parking day.

Pasar Karat Seller

old coins

coin seller

old china coins


This market are selling various items such as handicrafts, antiques, pottery, used computer, old books, flowers, bonsai, dry food, decorations, wall paintings and traditional herbs at reasonable prices. I can only spotted 5 people selling coins and banknotes at this place. Most of them is selling their item at a higher price. Some even higher then Kuala Lumpur market price. Only 2 person selling their items at a reasonable price and some nice items for people who hunting for collection like me. I manage to find, Terengganu old tin coin (its fake but I get them in a cheap price, will post the story later), 50 half dollar King Edward VII coin and 5 dollars King George Vi banknote sold for RM180. I don't manage to buy that green 5 dollars banknote because at the time when I spot it, the seller busy talking with other customer.

Pasar Karat banknotes

Copper collectibles

Other then that, most of item sell in this place are Malaysia coins & banknotes and some world coins. Some sellers do sell their item at a high price without any chance of bargaining. This flea market is not as good as Penang or Butterworth but still a worth place to visit for your hunting trip. Its just one and half hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. I will most probably making another trip to this place. Anyone of you have been to this pasar karat (Flea market) before?

Source: Seremban Municipal Council, Fazil Numismatic