Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2016 Coin of the Year Awards category winners

Krause Publications announced the 2016 Coin of the Year Awards (COTY) category winners. Austria brings home three category awards in the first round of World Coin News’ 2016 Coin of the Year Award voting by an international panel of judges that concluded Nov. 8. All coins nominated for the 2016 awards were issued in 2014.

2016 coty

The 10 Categories winners has been selected from the 100 nominees for the 2016 Coin of the Year awards.

Each year, the awards honor the best in coin design from around the world. The awards will be presented during a ceremony Feb. 6, 2016, at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany.

Best Silver Coin Winner:
Berlin Wall coin

Best Bi-Metallic Coin Winner:
€25 Niobium

Most Artistic Coin Winner:
Judith II

Austria's Gustav Klimt painting, Judith II 50-euro gold coin, KM#3229.

Best Gold Coin Winner:
gold Baseball coin

Most Innovative Coin Winner:
copper-nickel Baseball coin

Most Historically Significant Coin Winner:
thermometer coin

Germany's 300th anniversary of Daniel Fahrenheit's invention of the mercury thermometer 
10-euro silver coin, KM#332a.

Best Contemporary Coin Winner:
Baltic Way

Best Crown Coin Winner:
Maple Leaf tree

Canada's Maple Leaf tree canopy $20 silver coin, KM#1759.

#Crowns are silver or copper-nickel clad coins with a diameter of 37 millimeters to 45 mm.

Best Circulating Coin Winner:
Lord Kitchener

Great Britain's Lord Kitchener two pound bi-metallic coin, KM#1279.

Most Inspirational Coin Winner:
Jan Karski

Poland Jan Karski 10 zlotych silver coin, Y#902.

Judges will now select the Coin of the Year from this field of 10 category winners. The final vote will conclude Dec. 6 and the results will be published on NumismaticNews.net, Numismaster.com and in the January issue of World Coin News.

Source: Numismater.com