Monday, October 31, 2011

Bank Negara Museum

To all my readers who have been looking for information about Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum, its already open and located in a new BNM building called Sasana Kijang. The new Bank Negara Museum or Galeri Numismatic is located on the second floor of the visitor building. The building has been open since 15 September this year. I know many of you searching for information about the new museum and end up with an old BNM money museum yellow teaser. Maybe they don't have time to update their website or they don't realize that many people looking for information end up with that 2 years old teaser. You can read about the new Bank Negara Museum at my post; Galeri Numismatik.
The new Money museum already open for public.
Visit time: 10am-6pm. Everyday including Saturday & Sunday.
Parking: LG4 & LG5. (RM3 per entry)
Admission Fee: Free.
You can read Sasana Kijang location post for the maps and guided location.

Bank Negara Museum
The Sasana Kijang building house International Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB), an international organisation for the setting of prudential standards for the Islamic Finance and its global development, The SEACEN Centre, a regional learning and research Centre for Central Banks in Asia. In addition to training facilities, offices and conference halls, Sasana Kijang also houses the Bank Negara Malaysia Knowledge Management Centre and the Bank Negara Malaysia's Museum and Art Gallery which is open to the public. The total built-up area of Sasana Kijang is 1.09 million sq.ft.
In Galeri Numismatik, they display their collections according to the earliest coinage in Malaysia history. You get to see the vast collection of early Malay coinage from Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah, Perak, Melaka and also Sabah (British North Borneo) & Sarawak coins. Most of their Malay Sultanate collection are something that I never seen before in my life. In the gallery, you also get to see almost complete set of Malaysia commemorative coins collection since 1967 and the latest, all the coins are display on a wall.

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Bank Negara Museum Reviewed by lunaticg on Jan 6 . Many coin collection A must visit place in Malaysia if you're into coin collecting hobbies. It has many malay states coins on display Rating: 5.0