Wednesday, October 8, 2014

50 sen 1969 Milled Edge sold RM81,846

On 4th October 2014, the finest known Malaysia 50 sen 1969 Milled Edge (without security edge) sold for a new Malaysia coin record price RM81,846 (SGD32,200) including buyer premium in Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA), Singapore, Coins & Banknotes Auction 4/2014. The beautiful coin with a MS65 grade by The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is from the Collection of Mr. Wong Hon Sum, Singapore.

50 sen 1969

This coin get a very high price because it is the best grade for a very hard to get coin. The second best grading for 50 sen 1969 Milled Edge is a MS62 (1 piece). Milled Edge is a term used in numismatik for a reeded coin edge. Normal 50 sen 1969 is usually with a security edge or look like a split edge.

Mr Dickson Niew in his lastest blog article shared the information by Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) about the winning bidder:

"It was won by a young Singaporean through his agent by Mail Bid. The agent, Mr.Oh told me personally, his client -Mr.Lim insist to win this ultra rare item. He went to pay to CAA in advance SG15,000 even before the day of auction. This was double confirmed to me by Mr.Wong Hon Sum, the owner of the CAA auction house. I stopped to bid on behalf of my customer on this Lot 445 at SG$15,000.00. Two of my Singapore senior numismatic friends stopped at SG$22,000.00 when Mr.Lim's agent raised his card to bid at SG$24,000.00. A young Malaysian, who is working in Singapore raised his card to bid at SG$26,000.00 as floor bid. Mr. Lim's agent, Mr.Oh raised his card again without hesitation to realize at the final price of SG$28,000.00.(Reserved Price SG$2,500). It was a big cheers in the auction hall."


For your information, the previous record for the Most Expensive Malaysia Circulation coin sold in Auction held by a 1968 50 sen Milled Edge realized SGD7,670 (RM19,942) including buyer premium in CAA Auction No. 3/2014 on 19 April 2014. It is the ex Mr. Wong Hon Sum collection and the best finest known example (graded MS66) for the 1968 50 sen Milled Edge coin. A 50 sen 1969 Milled Edge coins are more difficult to find as there are only 2,000,000 pieces minted for that year.

To anyone who still don't understand what is Milled Edge and what is security edge, which one of the two give a higher price, you can read my article; Information about 50 sen 1967, 1968 & 1969 coins.

In the same auction, a very rare Malaysia coin, 1970 1 sen copper clad steel coin sold for a record price SGD18,400 (RM46,769) including buyer premium. Normal 1 sen 1970 coin planchet is made from copper. The coin is graded by NGC MS63 RB, a Wong Hon Sum collection.

copper clad steel

The coin managed surpassed it price estimate of SGD8,000 – SGD12,000. For curios non-collector who want to know how to check your 1970 1 sen coin for a rare piece like this, you can read more about it in my post; What Malaysia coins need to test with magnet for high value.

The auction held at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore on October 4th, 2014 got a lot of response from Malaysia coin collectors. A rare mint error 5 pieces 2005 bunga raya coin set (1 sen, 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen coins) mint using an aluminium planchet in lot 461 is unsold.

50 sen 1967

Another interesting lot is lot 466, a Malaysia 50 sen 1967 Milled Edge (without security edge) sold for RM7,600 (SGD2,990).

Others among the many highlights of this auction included (price exclude buyer premium):

1982 1 Ringgit

Lot 416: Malaysia 1982 1 Ringgit, The Parliament House, NGC MS 65 sold for SGD220

1971 10 Sen Variety 3

Lot 426: Malaysia 1971 10 Sen Variety 3, The Parliament House, NGC AU Details sold for SGD100

1970 20 Sen

Lot 429: Malaysia, 1970 20 Sen, The Parliament House, NGC MS 66 sold for SGD160

1994 20 Sen

Lot 431: Malaysia, 1994 20 Sen, Bunga Raya series, NGC MS 66 sold for SGD150

1970 Copper 1 Sen

Lot 436: Malaysia, 1970 Copper 1 Sen, The Parliament House, NGC MS66RD sold for SGD260

Shah Alam set of 2

Lot 464: Malaysia, 2000 Proclamation of Shah Alam, set of 2, RM 1 Bi-Metal $ RM10 Silver sold for SGD1200

Proof 10 sen

Lot 488: Malaysia, 1981 FM C-N Proof Ultra Cameo 10 sen sold for SGD190

Proof 50 sen

Lot 489: Malaysia, 1980 FM C-N Proof 50 Ultra Cameo sen sold for SGD170

Proof Ultra Cameo 50 sen

Lot 490: Malaysia, 1981 FM C-N Proof Ultra Cameo 50 sen sold for SGD380

Malaysia 1967 coin

Lot 495: Malaysia, 1967, 5pcs/set: all graded by NGC MS64 sold for SGD320

A Buyer's premium of 15% will be added to hammer price for each lot to all succesful bids. Lots sold though "" are subjected to an additional 3% Buyer's Premium (18% in total). All Shipping, handling and insurance charges will be paid by Buyer.