Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 10 coin posts 2011

This is a Top 10 coin posts 2011, top post about coins that I had posted in 2011. Thank you to all my readers for the great year in 2011. My blog already get 1 million page views in 2011. For 2011, many of the top posts area related to Malaysia coins but its a little bit sad when the top coin post is the coin that never exist or never minted by Bank Negara Malaysia. Malaysian still love to find fast money searching for something that is not exist or fake and sell them for thousand of ringgit. Malaysia new coin will start to be circulated early this year, it will be better if they search for the parliament series coins in circulation if they want fast money. Anyway, here are my blog top post about coins for 2011.

10. Malaysia 3rd series coin
duit baru Malaysia

On 25 July 2011, Bank Negara Malaysia Governor (BNM) Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, released Malaysia 3rd series coins. The new coins will only be introduced into Malaysia circulation from early 2012. A special packaging of 500,000 commemorative coin sets are sold to Public for RM10 per set in all BNM branches. The coins were designed by a Malaysian and wholly minted by Bank Negara's mint at Shah Alam. The new 2012 series of coins are legal tender and will co-circulate with the existing series next year. You can still using Malaysia old coins when the new coins start circulating. Read more at:Malaysia 3rd series coin.

9. RM100 Tunku Abdul Rahman gold coin
This post is a sale post for my RM100 Tunku Abdul Rahman gold coin. The item sold in a week time after I posted the post in my blog. Many readers came to this post simply because they want to know how much this coin worth. I take this item from ar-rahnu@pawn house Bank Rakyat in 2010. Now its already own by one hardcore Malaysia gold coin collector.  Read More at: RM100 Tunku Abdul Rahman gold coin.

8. World most expensive gold dinar
expensive dinar

A specialist auctioneers, Morton and Eden in London, make it in a record book for Worlds most expensive gold dinar and Dirham. The Umayyad dinar, one of the rarest and most highly-prized of all Islamic gold coins, struck possibly to coincide with an occasion when the Caliph himself led the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, sold for a record £3,720,000 in a sale at specialist auctioneers Morton & Eden in London. First Islamic coins struck in the Sultanate of Oman, an extremely rare Umayyad silver dirham, one of only a handful known today dating from the Hijri year 90 (709 AD) sold for £1,080,000. Read More at: World most expensive gold dinar. 

7. New 10 sen related to israel flag
new 10 sen

Its a little bit shocking when I read a blog saying that the new 10 sen Malaysia coin design, look like an Israel flag symbol, blue Star of David. I am laughing looking at their post. How Malaysian just love to create a shocking story about everything. Its a trend now, anything that look like something that related to Israel or Freemason will be an issue in Malaysia. Last time they said BNM logo come from Pharoah dog. Another funny thing is that he draw the Star of David on the 10 sen coin, to make it look like the Judaism symbol. Read More at: New 10 sen related to israel flag.

6. 1976 1 sen now RM3600
1 sen copper 1976

Do you know that 1976 1 sen now RM3600? For any of you who had been following my blog and read my post about Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction 149, its an old news but for a newbies its a shocking news. Many of them believe that it is the normal 1976 1 sen coin that has a high value among collectors. One reader even argue with me that I am not telling the truth about its value. He pay RM50 a piece from a collector who sell him 2 pieces of the normal  copper clad steel coins last year. For anyone who still doesn't know, 1976 1 sen copper don't attracted by magnet, you can test it before you buy them. But for RM50, something wrong some ways. Read More at: 1976 1 sen now RM3600.

5. Transformer Megatron silver coin
Megatron coin

The movie "Transformers: The Dark of the Moon" start its worldwide screening on 29 June 2011. Perth Mint has released a trio coins for the Transformers Coins: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron. The Perth Mint has just released this outstanding Transformers 3-Megatron Silver Proof commemorative coin. Long ago, Megatron was admired as one of Cybertron’s greatest champions, but over time, intense pride corrupted him. Using his unmatched power and rage, Megatron rules the Decepticons with an iron fist. He will do anything in his power to destroy Optimus Prime and the Autobots and claim the Universe for himself. Read More at: Transformer Megatron silver coin.

4. Top 5 royal wedding coin
Royal Wedding coin

Many Royal Wedding coins had been minted to celebrate the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton that will take place at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011. William, who is second in the line of succession to Queen Elizabeth II, first met Middleton in 2001, while he and Middleton were studying at the University of St Andrews. Their engagement, on 20 October 2010, was announced on 16 November 2010. Here are list of Top 5 Royal Wedding Coins 2011 according to readers pageview in this blog. Read More at: Top 5 royal wedding coin.

3. New Zealand Mint Star Wars coin
Star Wars coin

New Zealand Mint has released their New Zealand Mint Star Wars Coins in August 2011. The item will only be available for shipping starting 1 November 2011. The coins have an official license from Lucasfilm Ltd and a legal tender to Niue Island. The series will be limited mintage and will surely be a collector items for Star Wars and coins collector fan. Currently they have 2 packages of 1 oz Silver; Darth Vader and Millenium Falcon sets. They also have a Silver Plated base metal coins with 10 Star Wars character, they are planning to release 40 of such item. Read More at: New Zealand Mint Star Wars coin.

2. Malaysia 2012 coin design
new malaysia coin

Bank Negara Malaysia Governor (BNM) Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, released Malaysia 2012 coins design in 25 July 2011. The new coins will be introduced from early next year. 500,000 sets of the new coins will be available as a commemorative coins (Brilliant Uncirculated) with special packaging and to be sold starting Tuesday to the public at RM 10.00 per set in all BNM branches. The coins were designed by a Malaysian and wholly minted by Bank Negara's mint in Malaysia. A new series of banknotes will also be issued in September. Read More at: Malaysia 2012 coin design.

Top post: 1. Malaysia 10 sen 1972
10 sen 1972

"Do you looking for information about 1972 Malaysia 10 sen? I have one piece of the coin and since the price of the 1971 10 sen is over RM300, I think this coin will get a higher price then that? At least double the price from the Malaysia rare 1971 10 sen. If you don't understand, I want to sell it for RM600. Take it or leave it." Read More at: Malaysia 10 sen 1972.