Sunday, November 27, 2011

Malaysia fake notes

A readers asked me, how to do fake malaysia ringgit? If any of you remember, in 2008 there is a news about many Malaysia Bank in Gombak make a police report about a guy who printed fake money put them in Bank cash deposit machine and withdraw it from the same bank ATM. With just cheap printer, scanner, and special liquid, he has been converting fake money with original for few months. Most Malaysian counterfeiters used a high image resolution of the RM50/RM100 notes. If you look in the net, many of these high resolutions notes pictures has been taken down. One of the webmaster has put that Bank Negara Malaysia has email him to remove Malaysia ringgit high resolution pictures from his website.

Malaysia fake notes
Picture: Fake malaysia ringgit found by my Facebook friend

Here is the news from Utusan (English translation):
Gombak police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Rahim Abdullah said the local criminal has been arrested at his rented house in Desa Jaya. As a result of inspection, the police then managed to find the suspect used a secret lab to print false money in large quantities.
"Most of the computers, scanners and printers be identified used to print banknotes for Malaysia, especially involving RM50 notes.
"The inspection also found the white paper used to produce counterfeit banknotes concerned. In addition, police also found a number of fake money estimated at more than RM14, 800, "he said.
Abdul Rahim said initial investigations revealed that the suspects would use the tactic soak RM50 ringgit real money in a special liquid before the paper has fallen into two front and rear attachments.
"He then would use the separated pure paper money to be affixed on the back or front surface ready to print fake money.
"Money is ready to put false is then dried using a hairdryer, while also using a special rolling mills," he said.
He said the fake money that has two genuine and counterfeit surface is then inserted in the machine failed to detect fraudulent deposit is one of the surface is genuine.
"Once the deposit is received the machine, the suspect will then immediately make a withdrawal via ATM machines nearby. Fraud incidents caused panic to several banks.
"No less than 15 police reports made by the bank fraud involving cunning," he said.

If you want to asked what liquid he is using to do the counterfeit notes, sorry, I will not tell anyone but that same liquid has been used to make "fake error notes". It will only work on the old RM50 notes not the new RM50 merdeka notes.
Fake 50 ringgit
I had been sharing many news and story about counterfeit ringgit to help people understand how counterfeiters work but many readers still keep on deceived by these counterfeiters. Here are some of the news that I found for Malaysia fake notes:

They're few level of counterfeit money detection; Consumer, Banks and Authority/BNM. In consumer case, you need to feel, look and tilt the banknotes to check if they're original. The easiest one is the banknote watermark and Silver security thread. You can read more about Malaysia Banknote security features in my posts; RM100 note security features and RM50 note security features.

Please Do remember, circulating or using a counterfeits money as a real money is an offence under Malaysia Penal code. Under section 489 (b) Using as genuine forged or counterfeiting currency or banknotes, you can get Imprisonment for 20 years and fine. Under section 489 (c) Possession of forged or counterfeiting currency notes or banknotes, you can get Imprisonment for 10 years and fine.

What must you do if you found a fake Malaysia Ringgit? You can read my post here; What to do if I found fake money.