Saturday, December 5, 2009

African fake money syndicate busted

Yesterday, Kuala Lumpur Police successfully defeated a syndicate distributing counterfeit money of RM50 with an arrest of four African men in an apartments at Jalan Ampang Hilir. Police discovered 540 pieces of RM50 counterfeit money with a face value of RM27,000 stored in a safe in the luxury car of Toyota Marx X owned by suspects. This is not the first counterfeit money syndicate using a new 50 ringgit as a fake money. Another similar case also happening in Alor Setar on 25 November 2009, husband and wife caught with a fake money printing machine and 232 pieces of fake money.

Photo by Utusan Malaysia: Datuk Muhammad Osman showing the fake money

Photo by Bernama: Datuk Muhammad Osman showing the fake money

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Muhammad Osman said at a press conference at the Police Contingent Headquarters (IPK) Kuala Lumpur, police investigate and suspect that the counterfeit money probably just been use to lure their victims. According to him, following the discovery, police also found several weapons including 3 pistols and two artificial meat cutter blade knife in the suspect vehicle bonnet. Police believe the syndicate was pretending to offer victims a better price for foreign currency with the counterfeit money of RM50. When the exchange dealings conducted, suspects who is armed will robed their customers.

Photo by Bernama: Datuk Muhammad Osman showing the safe used to store fake money

Muhammad say, all those arrested are aged between 26 to 44 years old and believed to enter the country since early last year with students and social visit passes. Police are also looking for a Pakistani, believed to be the owner of the seized vehicle. The detainees are being remanded until Dec 14 to assist in investigations. He added that the four suspects under remand for two weeks starting December 1 and to assist investigations under Section 489 (c), Penal Code as a counterfeit money. In addition, they also investigated in accordance with Section 36 of Arms Act 1960 and Section 6 (1) Material corrosion Act, Explosives and Dangerous Weapons in 1958 as a fake gun was involved.

Source: Utusan Malaysia, Bernama Photo