Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tukar duit lama di BNM?

"Betul ke tukar duit lama di BNM akan dapat harga tinggi dari nilai mata wang tersebut? Sebagai contoh duit RM50 merdeka akan dapat nilai sekali ganda? Ada juga yang kata duit syiling yang sukar dicari pun akan dapat harga yang tinggi kalau tukar kat BNM? Duit kertas RM1 yang ada gambar tugu negara tu boleh tukar kepada duit RM50? Boleh tolong bagi penjelasan?"-Malay

"Is it true that we can change old money at BNM and we will be able to get price higher than the value of the currency? For example, RM50 merdeka, I will be able to get double the value? Some also said that a rare coins will get higher price if we change them at BNM? RM1 with national monument picture can be exchange for RM50 at Bank Negara? Can you help and give explanation?"-English.

I had been receiving many questions about this matters since I start this blog in 2008. I don't know where this rumors come from but it keep on coming in my mailbox. Its just a myth that you can get a high value if you change your old ringgit banknotes or coins at BNM. You can only get face value if you change any kind of money at any bank. BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) is a body/bank to issue Malaysia currency and safeguarding the value of our currency. They're not business entity who buy and sell currency.

Maybe the rumours came from people who exchange their old money with banknote and coin collectors but not every old money will give you high value. A 1 sen 1971 coin will only get you a value of 1 sen since many collectors don't want to buy them. You can read about Malaysia old coins value here; nilai duit lama Malaysia. For coins that Malaysian collectors consider as a rare coins, you can read this post; Malaysia Rare Coins List. Most of the time, I advice my readers to sell the coins themself if they want a higher price. This is because selling them to coin dealers will only give you at least 50% or lower then market value. You can try sell them online at eBay or, just read my post on How to sell coins.

You can also change your old RM500 or RM1000 at BNM but they will only give you face value. Selling them to a collector will get you a higher price then the face value.