Thursday, August 26, 2010

No flag by Malaysian?

For the past few days, we can read a local news reporting that no flag waving by Malaysian? Everywhere in Malaysia, we can see a poor display of jalur gemilang flown by proud Malaysia. Malaysia will be celebrate 53 years of independence in just 5 days but Most Malaysian have yet to raise their national flag. Almost every newspaper reporting the same story. While some mainstream newspaper reporting that the no flag waving is a way to protest Malaysia current Government.

The Malaysian flag with its 14 alternate red and white horizontal stripes representing the 14 states including the Federal Territory as well as a crescent and eleven point star superimposed in yellow inside a blue quarter was officially named the Jalur Gemilang by the then Prime Minister Datuk Seri (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Aug 31, 1997 in conjunction with the nation's 40th anniversary of independence. Jalur Gemilang combines the Malay word "Jalur" which means stripes or range of values while "Gemilang" signified glory, the Jalur Gemilang is a symbol of national identity that encompasses the 1Malaysia concept.

Why do I talk about this today? Maybe newspaper and most Malaysian don't realize, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) also need to show their patriotism, loyalty, love and respect for our beloved nation by way of minting merdeka coin every year. I envy our neighbour Singapore with their beautiful 45 Years of Independence Commemorative Coins launch on 28 July 2010. All newspaper in Malaysia talking about Malaysian not flying their flag high on national day but they forget that one of Malaysia most important institution forgot to fly our flag high every years.

Some of previous merdeka coins:

20th Anniversary of Independence 1 ringgit coin
Copper-Nickel, Diameter: 33.4 mm. Weight: 16.80g
Obv: Malaysia 1st Yang Dipertuan Agong; Tuanku Abdul Rahman Head
Rev: Malaysia Coat of Arms/Jata Negara
Minted by: Franklin Mint

25th Anniversary of Independence 1 ringgit coin
Copper-Nickel, Diameter: 33.4 mm. Weight: 16.80g
Obv: Malaysia 1st Prime minister; Tunku Abdul Rahman left arm raised
Rev: Malaysia Coat of Arms/Jata Negara
Minted by: Royal Mint, UK

30th Anniversary of Independence 1 ringgit coin
Copper-Zinc Diameter: 24.5 mm. Weight: 9.00g
Obv: Malaysia Coat of Arms/Jata Negara
Rev: Numeral 30 divides dates below with flying doves and sun above
Minted by: Singapore mint

The last Malaysia independence coin set minted in 2007. Most probably BNM will only produce another commemorative merdeka set in another 2 years based on the previous coins launch by BNM. Why don't they produced it every year? They can start the patriotism of Malaysian by conducting a yearly coin design competition for Merdeka coin. Malaysian people will be motivated when they see that BNM asked them to participated in producing something for Malaysia Independence.

What are BNM excuses on this matters?

Source: Bernama, Malay mail, Malaysia Kini.