Thursday, February 18, 2010

This guy called me before

For the past few month, one African guy called me and sms me telling that he want to meet me. In his sms, he is telling me that he want to sell me old RM50 and US Dollar for a very good bargain. When I asking him what series is that fifty ringgit is, he don't reply back. When I called his number, he also cannot give detailed about what he want to sell. I know something is wrong and never reply to this guy sms and called ever again. He changed his number few times and still trying to lure me to his trap.
Photo: Chief Asst Comm Izany Abdul Ghany show the fake money

On 12 February 2010, a news in local star newspaper stated about a Cameroon national held over fake notes. Police detained the Cameroon national who allegedly tried to “trade” RM140,000 in fake ringgit notes for US$20,000. The 28-year-old suspect caused minor injury to a policeman while resisting arrest on Monday. The policeman suffered a gash on his right arm while trying to arrest the suspect. The suspect pleaded innocence and claimed that he was a student. However, further investigations revealed that it was not true.

“The victim, in his 50s, had informed us that an African was trying to trade the fake notes. We decided to trap the suspect. He was arrested near Persiaran Hampshire off Jalan Ampang as he was on the way to make the currency trade,” City commercial crime unit division chief Asst Comm Izany Abdul Ghany said in his press statement.

Police found 1,778 fake notes of RM50 denomination inside a black bag in his car. The suspect is believed to be involved in a syndicate which called up people at random to trade genuine currency for fake ones of “higher” face value. Those who are greedy will not be rejected if the exchange offer a double benefit.

Izany said the suspect had no identification documents admitted into this country using the student pass. He said the suspect is believed to carry out these activities by calling the victim consists of members of the business at random. In the telephone conversation, he will offer service exchange ratio with the victim $ 20,000 U.S.: RM140, 000. Izany said the suspects are remand for four days and for further investigation under Section 420/511 of the Penal Code.

I know this guy and his friend called me before. I don't have their details anymore since I already deleted the sms and I don't keep his number. This "awang hitam" already give so many social problem to this country. If they want to do business with me, I already give negative perception that their business is illegal. They always giving excuse that there are student in this country? To Malaysia enforcement agency and authority that relevant to this "awang hitam" coming in into this country, why no action taken to stop them from coming in? If this so called student just coming in and try to bring trouble, why don't just keep them away from this country?

Source: Malaysia Star News, Bernama