Sunday, October 18, 2015

1000 Ringgit ZZ0000002 sold RM231,800

Seribu Ringgit replacement banknote super low serial number ZZ0000002, graded PMG 66 EPQ sold for RM231,800 (including buyer premium & 6% gst) in Trigometric Sdn Bhd second auction held at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya today (18 October 2015). The 6th series Malaysian banknote signed by Jaffar Hussein.

seribu ringgit

This is the best low serial number for Jaffar Hussein RM1000 replacement note and ex collection of Mr KN Boon himself.

377 lots of banknotes, coins and stamps were auctioned at Serunai Suite, Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya. The auction start at 9.30am for banknotes (Lot 1-130) and 1.45pm for banknotes, coins and stamps (Lot 131-377).

50 Ringgit

Another super low serial number banknote received much attention and bid in the auction is lot 146, 50 Ringgit 4th series signed Aziz Taha Serial number B/84 000001. The banknote have an estimate of RM1000-RM3000 but sold for RM27,000 (excluding buyer premium).

Another highlight of the auction is the 100 Ringgit 6th Series Jaffar Hussein Printer US Banknote Serial No. ZX 9999999, PMG 63EPQ, Serial No. ZX 10000000, PMG 58EPQ (2pcs) sold for RM50,000 (excluding buyer premium) increased considerably higher from the lot estimate of RM6,000 – RM12,000.

Serial Number 9999999

A super solid number 50 Ringgit 11th Series. Zeti Aziz (KNB64a) Serial Number HH 9999999 sold for RM10,500, much better then the estimate price of RM3,000 – RM3,600.

1999 Millennium

Lot 341 1999 Millennium RM500 Proof Gold coin sold for RM9,500 (excluding buyer premium).

For everyone waiting for the result of the 1 Ringgit 10th Series Ali Abu Hassan CR prefix; Lot 182 PMG 65 EPQ sold for RM5,800 and Lot 183 PMG 67 EPQ sold for RM8,000.

Buyer premium is 15% for floor bid and 18% for internet bidding. You also need to add 6% GST for the buyer premium.

Congratulations to Trigometric Sdn Bhd for a very successful 2nd auction.