Friday, March 21, 2014

KN Boon 7th Edition Book

On 20 Mac 2014, KN Boon 7th Edition Book has been released. The Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore Banknotes & Coins 7th Edition by KN Boon is a must have reference for all Malaysia Numismatic collectors. The book price only have slightly increase to RM60, RM5 difference compare to the 6th edition book.

KN Boon

The old, KN Boon 6th Edition Book has been sold out since last year.

I received my complimentary copy of the KN Boon 7th edition book today after getting some information that 500 copies have already been bought yesterday and another 200 copies have been bought this morning. With only 5,000 copies printed (same as 6th edition), in my opinion, half of the copies will surely be gone from Trigometric shop by the end of this month. The news of the 50 sen 1969 sold for RM10,253 has bring a sudden increase of Numismatic enthusiasts and collectors. Many readers has been emailing and messaging me asking if I can help them find a copy of KN Boon or Steven Tan book since early last year.

7th edition of the Malaysia Brunei & Singapore Banknotes & Coins, a complete education reference for Numismatic Collector. The Banknotes & coins Catalog cover Straits Settlements, Malaya, North Borneo, Penang, Sarawak, British Trade Dollar, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei currency.
Published by: Trigometric Sdn Bhd
Date published: 03/20/2014
Edition: 7th Edition
ISBN: 978-983-43313-7-5
Available in Paperback
Release Price: RM60
Pages: 496

The first thing, I look for in this new book are the updated price and my first impression it was made well enough. The updated price for Malaysia circulation coins are not far from the actual market price. The price for Malaysia Silver proof coins are also fair enough with only a few of them are below or a little bit higher from actual market price. The only drawback is the price update for most of the 1 Ringgit Coincard are below the market price but still acceptable compare to the KN Boon 6th edition book. For your information, I am comparing the 7th edition price update with my Malaysia Coin market price survey for my blog that had been done by my team early this year.

In the acknowledgments (page 4), The editor KN Boon has stated:
"Valuations stated in ringgit Malaysia are based on my best knowledge of market estimations at time of printing. As actual market conditions are constantly changing, the valuations should serve as guides or indicators only, and may differ from the actual price you would receive or expect to pay."

This new edition of the book also shared the real pictures of Malaysia Coincards since many new collectors have not seen the cards before. They're also some new pictures of trial notes and essays notes from the collection of Frank Goon in this new book.

Pictures and information for all the new coins (Commemorative and circulations) and new banknotes (replacement) has been added for collector reference. Some of the ZA prefix for the new notes has been put under regular issue not a replacement note compare to "other book" who has put them as a replacement note? I am not sure if that information are correct but will try to get some information about it later.

In my opinion, this book is a must have for Malaysia coins and banknotes collector/investor. If you're new in numismatic, the RM60 you pay for the books are worth it compare with the extensive information that you can get from this book. Knowledge is one of the important thing that you must gain if you're serious in collecting banknotes and coins.

You can visit Trigometric Sdn Bhd at Amcorp Mall to get your copies of the book. Special price will be given to all Trigo Members and for all dealer. You can also order the book via phone or email and they will send it to you using poslaju (poslaju charges RM10 for Peninsular).

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