Saturday, November 16, 2013

RM1 CR Ali Abul sold for SGD2000

A RM1 CR Ali Abul Hassan banknote sold for SGD2000 (excluding tax & commision) in Mavin International Auction 35 world banknotes session held at the Concorde Hotel Singapore today (16 November 2013). The most sought after banknote in Malaysia because it is the only prefix for RM1 banknote signed by the late Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan, Malaysia Bank Negara Governor. The 10th series banknote released in 1999 with a serial no. CR 7235269 and graded by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) Gem UNC65EPQ.


The Auction for SA-RIBU RINGGIT Malaysia and 3rd series Malaysia $1000 banknotes signed by Ismail Md. Ali both note graded PMG XF40 don't have any bid.

Here are some highlights of the auction:

10 Cents
Lot 1173: Malaya 10 Cents 1940 KGVI
Malaya 10 Cents, 15 August 1940, King George VI, (P.2; Tan M1), serial no. B 671440, PMG Gem UNC66EPQ.
Estimate: SGD950 – SGD1,000
Sold: SGD1,700 (excluding tax & commision)

Malaya $100
Lot 1188: Malaya $100 1942 KGVI-consecutive pair
Malaya $100, 1 January 1942, King George VI, (P.15; Tan M15), serial nos. A/6 37275 to 276, consecutive pair of exceptional paper quality notes, PMG AU53EPQ and AU55EPQ respectively. These are the last from a small run of 10 consecutive notes from an estate. We sold the rest, nos. 37271-74 and 37277-80, in earlier auctions. This original pair from the middle of the run are the best in the group.
Estimate: SGD15,000 – SGD16,000
Sold: SGD80,000 (excluding tax & commision)

$50 Malaya
Lot 1205: $50 Malaya British Borneo 21 March 1953 QEII
Malaya & British Borneo $50, 21 March 1953, Queen Elizabeth II, (P.4b; Tan M21), serial no. A/11 454129, PMG Choice AU58.
Estimate: SGD2,300 – SGD2,400
Sold SGD3,000 (excluding tax & commision)

$100 Malaya
Lot 1208: $100 Malaya British Borneo 1953 QEII
Malaya & British Borneo $100, 21 March 1953, Queen Elizabeth II, (P.5a; Tan M22), serial no. A/1 502422, PMG XF40.
Estimate: SGD3,400 – SGD3,600
Sold SGD5,000 (excluding tax & commision)

buffalo small A
Lot 1213: Malaya & British Borneo $10 1961 buffalo small A specimen
Malaya & British Borneo $10, 1 March 1961, buffalo, small prefix A, specimen, (P.9as; Tan M26), serial no. A/1 000000, perforated "SPECIMEN ONLY" and "SPECIMEN" opvt., PMG Choice UNC64 NET - minor foreign substance.
Estimate: SGD24,000 – SGD25,000
Sold SGD24,000 (excluding tax & commision)

buffalo large A
Lot 1215: Malaya & British Borneo $10 1961 buffalo large A specimen
Malaya & British Borneo $10, 1 March 1961, buffalo, large prefix A, specimen, (P.9bs; Tan M26a), serial no. A/96 000000, perforated "SPECIMEN OF NO VALUE", PMG AU55 NET - printer's annotations, previously mounted.
Estimate: SGD24,000 – SGD25,000
Sold SGD24,000 (excluding tax & commision)

printer proof
Lot 1225: Malaysia $1 1976-81 printer's proof
printer's proof of the obverse $1, in black and white on thick cardboard, annotations, AU-UNC,
sale estimate: SGD420.
Sold SGD520 (excluding tax & commision).

Printer Essay
Lot 1226: Malaysia $1 1967-81 Printers Essay (2)
uniface Printers Essay, no colour, sign. or serial no., PMG Choice UNC63EPQ; $1, (1967-81), (P.UNL1ape, P.unlisted), uniface Printers Essay, no colour, sign. or serial no., PMG AU55EPQ,
Sale estimate: SGD850.
Sold SGD1,700 (excluding tax & commision).

$10 Sarawak
Lot 1269: 1929 $10 Sarawak CV Brooke
Sarawak C.V. Brooke, $10, 1 July 1929, (P.16), serial no. C/1 113792, PMG AU50.
Estimate: SGD3,000 – SGD3,200
Sold: SGD3,000 (excluding tax & commision)

$1 Straits Settlements
Lot 1282: $1 Straits Settlements 1906 pink paper
Straits Settlements $1, 1 September 1906, (P.1a; Tan S1b), pink paper, serial no. A/37 17700, good fine.
Estimate: SGD1,300 – SGD1,400
Sold: SGD1,300 (excluding tax & commision)

$5 Dollar
Lot 1299: $5 Dollar Straits Settlements 1935 KGV consec pair
Straits Settlements $5, 1 January 1935, King George V, (P.17b; Tan S18d), serial nos. B/58 25562 to 563, consecutive pair, original GEF.
Estimate: SGD9,000 – SGD9,500
Sold: SGD17,000 (excluding tax & commision)

You can find the complete result for Mavin Auction 35 world coins and banknotes coins session at their website: Mavin AUCTION 35-Coins, Postcards And Banknotes.

Mavin International is the Auctioneer appointed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). All Lots sold on behalf of MAS is subject to 7% Goods and Services Tax on both the Hammer Price and the Buyers Premium if the Lot is delivered in Singapore. No GST is payable if the Lot is exported outside Singapore. The buyer's premium for bids made through is 20%. The buyer's premium for absentee bids by post, fax and email is 18%.