Sunday, April 1, 2012

SLCollectors Shop

Yesterday, I have a chance to visit SLCollectors Shop at Millennium Square, Petaling Jaya. I think not many collectors knew about this place unless you're familiar with his website The shop run by Mr. Peter Ang, who is also a blogger but sadly his blog has been infected by malware. After finding his shop and meet him personally, I think this is one of the must visit shop if you want a beautiful coins and banknote with a reasonable price. He is also a Straits Settlements coin collector and its like a Straits Settlements heaven in his shop, no wonder Sifu Dickson Niew keep on insisting me to visit his shop. I look at the Straits Settlements coins but at this moment, I am more focusing on completing my Sarawak coins collection. Hopefully, some of the coins will be there when I have a budget for my Straits Settlements coins.


Slcollectors shop

His owner, Mr. Peter Ang is a bit camera shy but he is a nice guy and willing to help new collector understand about his collection. I am only in his shop for about one hour but I saw how he patiently attend a new collector who keep on asking about expensive item such as RM1 Ali Abul signed, 1971 10 sen coin and replacement banknote even if he (the collector) don't have budget to collect those items. Mr. Peter Ang keep on advising him, collect something within your budget. Try to focus on what to collect, if your budget only enough for Malaysia coins, collect until you have a complete set. Don't just jump with buying Straits Settlements coin, the price is bit more expensive and you need a bigger budget. It will make you lost control and in the end, you will not get a complete set for your collection.

Millennium square

PJ map

His shop is not hard to find as long as you can find Millennium Square in Petaling Jaya. Millenium Square is just one kilometer away from Asia Jaya LRT Station  and very near to Digital Mall Petaling Jaya. After you're arriving at the building, look for SLcollectors banner, you just need to follow that banner direction to find his shop. They're not many shops open at this place, so don't worry if you see to many shops closed. Mr. Peter Ang only do business from 2pm until 6pm but I suggest for you to contact him before you make a visit.

Address: Ground Floor, G063A, Zone C, Millennium Square, Jalan 14/1, Section 14, 46100, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, West Malaysia.
Business Hour: 2pm-6pm (Mon-Sun -including Public Holidays)

50 cents queen victoria

1 dollar


Malaysia PM

Malaysia Banknote

commemorative coins


His shop sells world coins, world paper money/banknote, Malaysia coins and banknotes, world ancient coins, Error/Freak coins, world specimen/replacement banknotes, medallions, world postage stamps, telephone cards,watches, pen, matches and also numismatic books, accessories. He told me he is more on world banknotes but I can see many Malaysia banknotes for sell in his shop. You just need to ask him what you're looking for since he don't display all his item. For someone who are looking for Malaysia Prime Minister Medallion, he have almost complete set of coins of four with Tun Hussien Onn coin is missing from the box. His Straits Settlements (SS) coins also come with a reasonable price (depends on coin condition) and he has many very find condition (and above) SS coins. It is a bit hard to find SS coins in such condition since many of the high grade coins already snatch up by foreign collectors and in collectors collection. He also have many 50 cents Queen Victoria and 1 dollar King George 1920, if you're looking for those. He also have Sarawak, Borneo, Straits Settlements and Malaya banknotes for sale.

For more pictures and photos of his shop item for sell, you can visit my Facebook page; SLCollectors Shop.