Thursday, October 28, 2010

I meet Malaysia experts yesterday

I meet Malaysia experts in Numismatic yesterday night. I feel how my knowledge in numismatic is so small if I need to compare what he tell me last night. He want to keep anonymous for some reason but I will accept it. For me, he is a Malaysia Numismatic experts in Malaysia error coins and Malaysia counterfeits coins. When I said Malaysia in this post, its also means Straits Settlements, Malaya and Malaya & British Borneo. This is because he collect all of the coins and refer them as Malaysia.

Photo: Malaysia coins stamped with chinese character.

His explanation of the Malaysia error coins are very detail. He will explain to you what happen in the factory when the minting process of the error coins with as much detail he can. I am not collecting any error coin but I learn many thing about it from him yesterday. I can only wish, one day, he willing to sacrifice his time and money to write a book about Malaysia error coins for future generations readings. In Malaysia, numismatic books that had been written by Malaysian for Malaysia coins are something that hard to find. Many people don't have good knowledge about Malaysia Numismatic. If he cannot write a book, I wish at least he will write his knowledge in a blog. He asked me to write it and publish it in this blog but with so much details he is giving, people might mistaken me for an expert. One thing for certain, we have a same opinion about the price; If no Malaysia sifu put it in his book, your error coins will have no value.

He also keep almost a complete years for Malaysia counterfeit coins. Most of his collection of counterfeit, he get them for free from friends and family because people don't collect them. From his teaching last night, I sense that my experiment on Malaysia fake coins might be wrong. I maybe need to redo it or maybe will asked his guide on finding the counterfeit coins from all the 50 sen coins from the experiment.

Currently, he is looking for some information about bullet money. Some people called this Javanese etched iron ball-shaped charms. It maybe made in Surabaya from 1950s-80s. this bullet money of his come with Malay-Arabic inscription design. He told me that this coins are magical and good-luck charms. Searching a little bit information about it today, I found out that this money also had been used in Malaya before. Maybe will try to find some information about it later.

He also show me the trial coins sample for Malaysia. I think it is more beautiful then our Parliament coins. The design look like Singapore design and the 20 & 50 sen design have motif of deer on the reverse. Beautiful design but we are not lucky enough to get such beautiful design. He also show me his collection of silvers coins that had been stamped with Chinese character "Collection". Meant for coins that will not bee used, just for collection. In 1942 during the world war II, Japanese will destroy all the British coins if they can find them. To avoid that, they will stamped the coins with word "Collection".

We talk for almost 4 hours non stop. I almost forget to drink my tea, listening to his detail explanation about his collection. To this expert, thank you for your information. Wish one day, you will write and compile your information in one book. Please share your information with everyone in this world. Will be meeting him again next time.

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