Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nilai duit lama

I had been writing about "nilai duit lama" (Malaysia old currency value) a long time ago but still many of my readers, email me asking for the same thing. The best way to know what is the value of Malaysia coins and banknotes are by buying any of this two books; Steven Tan Standard catalogue or KN Boon Books. You will get the latest nilai duit lama from any of the books. What I am sharing with everyone is from Steven Tan old catalogue books. It is just meant for a new collector or anyone who own an old coins to understand Malaysia Coins and banknote value. If you're really serious on collecting, you should buy any of those books.

nilai duit lama

For "nilai duit syiling", you can read my post; Check your coin value. Only Malaysia Parliament coin series are displayed on that post. This is because the 2nd series @bunga raya coin series value are mostly only have face value. Old doesn't mean the value and prices are higher. Many readers mistakenly think that their old coins can bring them fortune. That why you can see many sellers in selling their old coins for thousand of ringgit. I am sharing the price value to prevent Malaysian from selling their coins for a ridiculous price.

What coins that you should be looking for?
1 sen coin
1968-10,500,000 pcs Minted-UNC value=RM30.
1970-2,535,000 pcs Minted-UNC value=RM120.
1976 copper-only 100 pieces exist value=RM3600.

5 sen coin
1971-16,657,712 pcs Minted-UNC price=RM8.
1977-10,609,162 pcs minted-UNC price=RM8.
1982 with extra "dot" on parliment house-UNC price=RM250.

10 sen coin
1971-32,326 pcs minted-UNC price=RM280.

20 sen coin
1969-15,000,000 pcs minted-UNC price=RM120.
1970-1,054,000 pcs minted-UNC price=RM50.
1971-9,958,000 pcs minted-UNC price=RM15.
1978-6,847,000 pcs minted-UNC price=RM40.

50 sen coin
1969-2,000,000 pcs minted-UNC price=RM150.
1979 extra dot-UNC price=RM100.
1988 extra dot on parliament-UNC price=RM40
Don't forget to check for security thread for 1967, 1968 and 1969. 50 sen coin without the security thread, the price around RM1,000 for UNC.

If you don't know what UNC or Uncirculated means, you can read my post; Coin Grading for newbies. I am not buying your coin, I am sharing this to help everyone sell their own coins. You can read my post on how to sell coins. In that particular post, I am teaching you on how to start selling in or eBay Malaysia. If you're new in coin collecting, I also already wrote a post on 10 tips for new coin collector. Coin collecting is a rewarding hobbies if you know what to sell and what to keep. Now, don't forget to share this Nilai duit lama post with your friends and go check your old piggy bank. Who know, the most famous Malaysia coin, Malaysia 10 sen 1971 coin is in your piggy bank?

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