Sunday, June 8, 2014

Top 25 Coin Websites

This is a list of my Top 25 coin websites that I frequently visit. There are thousands of coin websites on the internet but I only frequently visit sites on this list.

Do you read some of the websites in my list? They're many information give by them about numismatic, rare coins, prices guides, popular coins, gold coins, silver coins, coin collecting and most of them provide an updated coin news daily.

I know they're few new coin blogs that are trying to enter the coin community in the internet. I welcome them but I don't share their site in here, unless they have been in the web for over a year and rank well in Google search. Hopefully some of them will be in my list next year.

The only problem that I had to face is that most of blogs and websites only talk about US coins. They're few blogs and websites actively talk about other countries coins. Most of them will be stop posting any new article after a year or two. Most probably they don't have time to write an article or a very low visitor has demotivated them.

If you're looking for link of official government mints and central banks, you can read my article; Complete list of government mints and central banks.

top coin websites

World's Top Coin Websites & Blogs:

I also add some coin forums that you might want to join. I am not active in forum nowadays but I always browse these forums when I am searching for informations. 

Best Coin Forum: