Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fake RM100 Banknotes Withdrawn From ATM Machines?

Recently, a story about fake RM100 Banknotes withdrawn from ATM Machine went viral via Facebook. Encik Mohd Azwim Kamarulzaman claims that the banknotes he withdrawn via an ATM machine were being rejected by the bank cash deposit machine at Bukit Baru, Melaka.

100 ringgit palsu

According to him, the bank rejected his claim that the fake banknote withdrawn via their ATM machine and he lodged a police report at the Ayer Keroh police station.

When he make a police report, he found out that many similar cases had occurred in Melaka.

From the picture shown by Encik Mohd Azwim Kamarulzaman in his Facebook, the banknote is obviously a fake (please click on the facebook picture above), the printing is not sharp. You can learn more about checking fake counterfeit banknotes here: How to check fake new RM100 notes.

On 31st January Bank Negara Malaysia release a statement via Facebook:

Alleged Fake Banknotes in ATM
counterfeit RM100

When encountering suspected fake banknotes, members of the public are advised to follow the steps as outlined in the attached image.
If you suspect that the banknotes obtained from your financial institution, including from its ATM, are fake, consult the financial institution or Bank Negara Malaysia. We are ready to act on any specific information provided to us.
For further inquiries, members of the public may contact:
ABMConnect at 1-300-88-9980; or Bank Negara Malaysia’s BNMTELELINK at 1-300-88-5465

Steps to take when you received suspected counterfeit banknotes:
Counterfeit banknotes have no value. If you suspect the authenticity of paper money during the transaction, please follow these simple steps:
1. Hold the suspected counterfeit banknotes as minimum as possible.
2. Do not write on, ruin, torn or modify the suspected counterfeit banknotes.
3. Do not re-circulate the suspected counterfeit banknotes.
4. Put the suspected counterfeit banknotes in an envelope or plastic lid.
5. Write down all the details on a separate sheet of how you receive a suspected counterfeit banknotes.
6. Make a police report as soon as possible.

Almost every year since the introduction of the new RM100, BNM need to make a statement about fake RM100, you can read their statement last year, BNM response on fake Rm100 banknotes.

Every year, there is report about fake RM100 banknotes in the news but news about fake RM100 Banknotes withdrawn from ATM Machines are rare. It sound like inside job and hopefully Bank Negara Malaysia can investigate the validity of the story.