Tuesday, August 26, 2014

British Trade Dollar struck in gold sold US$200,000

On August 21st 2014, a British Trade Dollar struck in gold sold US$200,000 in Hong Kong Coin Auction 57 by A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd and auction partner Ma Tak Wo Numismatic Co Ltd. The extremely rare 1902B coin is a Johanna Austin Collection (ex Spink auction 94, 14 October 1992, lot 809) come in a PCGS holder graded PR64DCAM.

gold trade dollar

The proceeds of the sale of Johanna Austin's collection will go to the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath, England.

gold Trade Dollar

The British Trade dollar was declared legal tender on 2 February 1895 by an Order of Council in the Straits Settlements, Hong Kong and Labuan (off the north-west coast of British North Borneo). This coin is minted by Bombay Mint, India with the mint mark "B", located in the center prong of the trident. According to KN Boon 7th edition book, all gold proofs were specially struck at the request of a private individual who supplied the necessary bullion and paid the prescribed minting charges. They are more correctly referred to as proof restrikes.

1866 half dollar

Another top performing lots is a 1866 Hong Kong half dollar proof silver coin realised US$90,000 against a US$20,000 estimate. The coin is graded in PCGS holder PR66 with a deep iridescent tone. It is believed the proofs were struck in London (where the dies were made). The beautiful coin is from Johanna Austin Collection.

Cao Kun Dollar

1922 Tsao Kun Gold Dollar surpassed its estimate US$20,000 to realize US$75,000. The coin came in ANACS holder graded MS64. Tsao Kun was a President of Republic China and military leader of the Zhili clique in the Beiyang Army, he also served as trustee of the Catholic University of Peking.

Hsu Shih-Chang

Hsu Shih-Chang Gold Dollar, Year 10 (1921) also surpassed its estimate US$20,000 to realize US$70,000. The gold coin is graded by ANACS MS64 with a small crack on face of plastic holder that does not affect the coin. its commemorates the 5th president of the Republic of China, Hsu Shih Chang, who hold the longest presidency during the China warlord era.

Tai Ch’ing Copper

CD1909 Honan Province Copper Pattern 20-Cash Tai Ch’ing type realised US$60,000 from the original estimate US$2,000. The coin struck on an oversize flan is from the Åke Lindén Collection. It is an ex Norman Jacobs collection, Hong Kong Coin Auction 44, 27 August 2008, lot 174. Dr Jacobs noted “very rare” on his original envelope (sold with the coin).

Source: Baldwin