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RM2 ZB replacement notes in CAA Auction-19 April 2014

A RM2 ZB replacement notes will be offered in Collectibles Auction Asia CAA Auction No. 3 on 19 April 2014 at at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore. 375 lot of coins and 457 lot of banknotes will be offered in the auction.

RM2 ZB replacement

2 pieces of running number RM2 ZB replacement banknote will be offered in lot 664 with serial number ZB 0060762/3 and graded GEF/AU. The 1996-1998 banknote signed by BNM Governor Tan Sri Dato' Ahmad Bin Mohd Don with estimate price of $SGD1,500 (RM3,890). According to latest KN Boon Book-7th edition, the note in Uncirculated condition is price at RM2,500 ($SGD578).

The Collectibles Auction Asia CAA Coins & Banknotes Auction 3/2014 will be held at Landmark Room, Level 6, Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore on 19 April 2014. The Auction will be held in two session; morning session start from 9.30am will be for coins and afternoon session start from 1.30pm will be for banknotes. Public viewing will be held at the same venue on 18 April 2014 from 9.00am until 6.00 pm.

Here are some of the highlight of the auction:

Lot 46: Hua Hsing Commercial Banks-Bronze fen.
Hua Hsing

China, Reformed Govt, Hua Hsing Commercial Banks. Year 29 (1940) Bronze fen. Y-A522. NGC AU58 BN.
Estimate: SGD1,000 – SGD1,500

Lot 58: Year 3, Yuan Shih-Kai, with “KAN-SU”

China, Republic, Kansu province mint, year 3 (1914), Yuan Shih-Kai, Silver Dollar, with two big Chinese characters “KAN-SU” appears both side of Yuan’s bust, were mint between 1930 to 1931 (about 1 year only). The silver content was quite low and the quality were also very poor. They therefore circulated at a discount at that time and were quickly withdrew by the authorities. L&M-617, Y-407. PCGS XF Details, cleaning.
Estimate: SGD3,000 – SGD4,000

Lot 103: Kelantan Kijang gold kupang
Kelantan Kijang

Patani – Kelantan Kijang (Barking Deer) Gold Kupang. Obverse: A humped Kijang (deer) facing left with the tail raised ending in a flourish. A cresent moon above. Reverse: In Arabic “Malik Al Adil” (The just Ruler) Edge: Plain, weight: 0.6gm, composition: Gold. RRR.
Estimate: SGD800 – SGD1,500

Lot 135: 1903B (raised) Straits Settlements 1 Dollar
1903B 1 Dollar

Straits Settlements, Silver Dollar, 1903B, raised, NGC AU-Details. (3361434-002)
Estimate: SGD680 – SGD1,000

Lot 144: 1879H Straits Settlements 20 cents
1879H 20 cents

Straits Settlements, Silver 20c, 1879H. GEF
Estimate: SGD380 – SGD500

Lot 151: 1873 Straits Settlements 5 cents
1873 5 cents

Straits Settlements, 1873 QV 5 cents, KM-10 VF
Estimate: SGD900 – SGD1,200

Lot 173: 1878 Straits Settlements 1 Cent
1878 1 Cent

Straits Settlements, Copper Cent, 1878. PCGS VG Details
Estimate: SGD400 – SGD500

Lot 224: 1971 Malaysia 10 sen
10 sen 1971

Malaysia, 1971, 10 sen copper-nickel, Parliament House. NGC MS 65.
Estimate: SGD300 – SGD500

Lot 235: 1994 Malaysia 20 sen
1994 20 sen

Malaysia, C-N 20 sen, 1994 (MSC11, KN11). NGC MS65
Estimate: SGD200 – SGD300

Lot 241: Malaysia 10 sen 1971
1971 coin

Malaysia, C-N 10 sen, 1971, NGC MS 66
Estimate: SGD450 – SGD750

Lot 242: 2 pcs 1976 Malaysia RM15 Enggang and RM25 Seladang
1976 coin

Malaysia, Silver RM15 and RM25, World Wildlife Conservation, 1976. NGC PF69 and PF68 ultra cameo respectively. 2pcs.
Estimate: SGD500 – SGD900

Lot 249: 1969 Malaysia 50 sen with security edge
1969 50 sen

Malaysia, 1969, 50 sen, KM-5.1, with security edge, Parliament House. NGC MS 63
Estimate: SGD1,000 – SGD1,600

Lot 257: 1968 Malaysia 50 sen without security edge-Milled
1968 50 sen

Malaysia, 1968, 50 sen, mint error, without security finest known. KM-5.2, NGC Gem MS 66. Wong Hon Sum collection.
Estimate: SGD2,000 – SGD4,000

Lot 258: 1967 Malaysia 50 sen without security edge-Milled
1967 50 cents

Malaysia, 1967, 50 sen (mint error). Without security edge. KM-5.2. NGC UNC Details, surface hairlines.
Estimate: SGD600 – SGD1,000

Lot 265: 1976 Malaysia 1 sen Bronze PCGS MS 64 RB
1 sen Bronze

Malaysia, Copper Sen, 1976, MSc1a, KM-2 Bronze. PCGS MS 64 RB.
Estimate: SGD2,200 – SGD3,500

Lot 503: Manchukuo 1000 Yuan
Manchukuo Yuan

China / Central Bank of Manchukuo, Pick#J146 ND 1000 Yuan. CMC 8 Very Good
Estimate: SGD70,000 – SGD85,000

Lot 526: Malaya Japanese occupation Propaganda issues-calendar overprint
JIM note

Malay / Japanese Occupation, 1946, Post War Calendar overprinted on ND (1945) $1000 MU note P#M10b, Pick unlisted (Tan J14, KNB15) in the Book “The Japanese Occupation of Malaya (Singapore) and its currency” by Wong Hon Sum, pg 150, 46-F-1. Flat R. PMG Choice UNC 63 EPQ. Wong Hon Sum collection.
Estimate: SGD2,000 – SGD3,000

Lot 661: 2nd Series Malaysia RM 1000

Malaysia, 2nd Series ND (1972~76), RM 1000, SN A/1 200741. PMG AU 55 EPQ.
Estimate: SGD10,000 – SGD15,000

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