Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Will BNM Mint new 2013 coin commemorative?

A question that most Malaysian collectors are waiting for an answer every year will Bank Negara Malaysia mint a new commemorative coin for 2013? Most of my friends asked me this question in the early January, my answer to them and to everyone, I am not Bank Negara Malaysia. So far they're no valid rumours coming out from my source about any new commemorative coins. If you're still waiting for the RMK10 coins, I don't think BNM will release them. Unless they mint a new coins design.

I am not sure if anyone already knew about this. On October 2012, Bank Negara had open a job for Production Manager (Kilang Wang Bank Negara Malaysia).
The Production Manager responsibilities:
1. Develop strategic plans for the overall coins production of the Kilang Wang in order to achieve approved quantity and quality requirement, and in implementing activities towards better efficiency.
2. Manage the activities related to the production of finished coins and other associated and supporting activities (e.g. production of tools, dies,etc) to ensure timely execution of the production plan.
3. Develop, review and enhance policies on safe control and transfer of security itens and minting materials so as to comply with the Bank's policies and guidelines.

I don't think any new commemorative coins will be produced until someone has accepted the position. That is just my own personal opinion.

They're one coin that I wish BNM will consider to be in their list of commemorative coins for this year.

Malaysia Panda

Malaysia will received two giant pandas from China to mark the 40th years anniversary China-Malaysia diplomatic relationship. Feng Yi (female) and Fu Wa (male), both six years old will be loaned to our country for 10 years. Feng Yi and Fu Wa were born at the Wolong nature reserve and panda base in Wenchuan, Sichuan. Besides bamboo, Feng Yi and Fu Wa’s favourite foods are corn bread, apple and carrot.

They will be living in a 1.13ha of air-conditioned enclosure at the Wetlands Park in Putrajaya. Bamboos will be planted on another 6.07ha for their consumption, which come up to about 20kg a day.

Panda's are regarded as national treasures for China, the loan was welcomed as a significant boost to bilateral ties between China and Malaysia.

I also wish Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) will make an agreement with The People's Bank of China to mint a complete commemorative sets together. Each of a set contains two identical coins that Malaysian collectors can exchange with collectors from China. This will help bilateral relations between citizens in both countries. They should set up a website for everyone to do the exchange. Each coins should also have a unique activation code for collector to register in that website. They can make coin exchange or buying/selling the panda's coins too.

Me and my crazy idea's. Hahahaha.... I don't think these thing will really happen. 

Another coin that maybe BNM can mint for 2013 is a Visit Malaysia year 2013/2014 coins. For Visit Malaysia Year 2013/14, the government has allocated RM358 million under the development expenditure, an increase of 42 per cent, to target 26.8 million tourist arrivals. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said tourism was a key economic growth sector, contributing almost 12 per cent GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

What do you think?