Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Malaysia banknotes evolution video

Do you know how paper money that has been used in Malaysia before Merdeka look like?

For a collector, that may be a simple thing to answer but for non collector, some of them might have not seen a Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) or Straits Settlements banknote.

Some of them might only hear about Malaysia Ingot money in a form of animal like crocodile, elephant or fighting cock Ingot that has been used in Perak, Kedah or Perlis.

On 7 November 2012 at 9.30pm, our local TV1 show a documentary about Malaysia banknote evolution with a title "Revolusi Wang Kertas Malaysia".

The Panorama documentary host by Tun Julia Mohd Tahir interviewed some of the Bank Negara people's who related to Malaysia Numismatic. One of them is Puan Rohaya Juli, Curator at Numismatic gallery, Sasana Kijang. Puan Rohaya tells how before Merdeka we are using Ingot money, Straits Settlements banknotes and also JIM banknotes.

In my opinion, this is a Malaysia Ringgit history in Bank Negara Malaysia version since all the people they interviewed are Bank Negara Malaysia workers. Still a good video to watch if you a Malaysia banknotes collector.

Rohaya Juli

Here is a 19 minutes 37 seconds video about Malaysia banknote evolution: