The Royal Canadian Mint is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association , which was the precursor to Hockey Canada, with a silver collector coin; 100th Anniversary of Hockey Canada Silver Coin. The unveiling took place at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, which was the venue for the association's inaugural meeting on December 4, 1914.

hockey canada

The reverse image of the coin commemorates an important milestone in the history of amateur hockey in Canada. Dual enamel recreates the iconic Hockey Canada logo: the silhouette of a hockey player separates the red enamel-filled upper-right portions of the maple leaf from the black enamel-filled lower portions. At left, a smaller maple leaf with the number "100" marks the 100th anniversary of Hockey Canada.

"Hockey is Canada's national winter game and is played by young and old on frozen ponds and arenas from coast to coast to coast," said The Honourable Bal Gosal, Minister of State (Sport). "The centennial of Hockey Canada gives us an opportunity to understand and learn more about hockey's roots in Canada and this stunning coin by the Royal Canadian Mint is a wonderful tribute to a sport we hold dear in our hearts."

"The Mint commemorates Canada's history, culture and values and we are delighted to celebrate this important milestone for amateur hockey in Canada," said Marc Brûlé, Interim President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. "This new collector coin is the perfect keepsake for any hockey fan and collectors of sports or hockey-themed memorabilia wanting to mark this centennial."

"For our 100th anniversary, Hockey Canada is bringing its proud history to Canadians across the country in a variety of unique and interactive ways," said Tom Renney, President and CEO of Hockey Canada. "It is an honour to have our storied logo forever captured in brilliant colour with such expertise by the Royal Canadian Mint."

100 year hockey

Technical Specifications:
Mintage: 7500
Composition: 99.99% pure silver with red and black enamel
Finish: proof
Weight (g): 31.39
Diameter (mm): 38
Edge: serrated
Certificate: serialized
Face value: 20 dollars
Artist: Susanna Blunt (obverse)
Status: Starts shipping on 11-11-2014, 1 per household

This coin, which bears a denomination of $20 and has a limited mintage of 7,500, retails for $119.95 and can be ordered directly from the Royal Canadian Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada, 1-800-268-6468 in the US, or online at

Today, Bank Negara Malaysia has launched a 75th Anniversary of Taman Negara commemorative coins, Malaysia’s premier national park and is a popular ecotourism destination. The commemorative coins come in three specifications; RM100 99.99 gold, RM10 99.9 fine silver and RM1 Nordic Gold coin. The Central Bank said the commemorative coins launched by by Deputy Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Dr James Dawos Mamit at Taman Negara Kuala Tahan.

Pantera Tigris

The centre of the coin obverse shows the Pantera Tigris Jacksoni, a species of tiger that can be found only in Taman Negara. Banjaran Tahan and Keruing Neram trees which are located along the Tahan river are depicted in the background. Lavistonia Tahanensis, a type of palm that can be found only in Banjaran Tahan area is featured on the lower right side of the coin. The words “SAMBUTAN 75 TAHUN TAMAN NEGARA” are on the upper circumference and the years 1939 – 2014 denoting 75 years of anniversary are inscribed on the lower circumference of the coin.

Taman Negara

Reverse Side of the CoinThe centre of the coin reverse features the map of Semenanjung Malaysia, with thicker border around the three states, i.e. Pahang, Kelantan, and Terengganu where Taman Negara is located. The shaded area shows the exact location of Taman Negara. The words “BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA” as the issuing authority of the commemorative coin is featured on the upper circumference of the coin, while the face value of the coin is inscribed on the lower circumference.

Taman Negara is also one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world and known to be the habitat for about 150 species of mammals, 53 species of fish, 479 species of birds and more than 3,000 species of plants.

Specifications of the commemorative coins are as follows:

75th Anniversary of Taman Negara RM100 gold commemorative coin (proof)

taman negara gold
This proof coin is made of gold with 99.99 purity and weighs 7.96 grams. It has a face value of RM100 and will be sold at RM 1,800 a piece. The mintage quantity is 500 pieces.

Technical Specifications:
Type: Gold Proof
Alloy: Gold (Au99.99)
Face Value: RM100
Diameter: 22.0mm
Weight: 7.96g
Shape: Round with milled edge
Mintage Quantity: 500

75th Anniversary of Taman Negara RM10 silver commemorative coin (proof)

taman negara silver
This proof coloured coin is made of fine silver with 99.9 purity and weighs 31.10 grams. It has a face value of RM10 and will be sold at RM200 a piece. The mintage quantity is 2,000 pieces.

Technical Specifications:
Type: Coloured Silver Proof
Alloy: Silver (Ag99.9)
Face Value: RM10
Diameter: 40.7mm
Weight: 31.1g
Shape: Round with milled edge
Mintage Quantity: 2,000

75th Anniversary of Taman Negara RM1 Nordic Gold (B.U) Commemorative Coin

tiger gold
The Nordic Gold (B.U) coin has a face value of RM1 and will be sold at RM10 each. The mintage quantity is 25,000 pieces.

Technical Specifications:
Type: Nordic Gold (B.U.)
Alloy: Cu89 Zn5 Al5 Sn1
Face Value: RM1
Diameter: 30.0mm
Weight: 8.5g
Shape: Round with milled edge
Mintage Quantity: 25,000

These commemorative coins are also available in a Set of 3 and a Set of 2. The Set of 3 consists of the gold, coloured silver and nordic gold proof coins. It will be sold at RM2,100 per set with 750 sets available. The Set of 2 consists of the coloured silver and nordic gold proof coins. This set will be sold at RM250 per set with 750 sets available.

These commemorative coins are issued by Bank Negara Malaysia and will be available for sale a month later from 28 November 2014 onwards at Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery (MAG) and regional offices and branches located in Pulau Pinang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

94 nominees for the 2015 Coin of the Year awards has been announced by Krause Publications, a leading producer of coin and paper money books, magazines, events and online products. The coins nominated for this year's awards were released in 2013, and represent the highest achievement in theme, design and marketing from mints and central banks from around the world.

Coin of the Year

The 2015 Coin of the year awards will be presented during a ceremony Jan. 31, 2015, at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. A panel of judges who are authors, editors and numismatists, as well as members of the American Numismatic Association and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, met Oct. 3 in Iola, Wis., to choose the following nominees from hundreds received from around the world.

These nominees will now be reviewed by an international panel of 80 judges comprised of mint and museum officials, journalists and individual experts. They will choose a winner in each of 10 individual categories. A second round of balloting will select the Coin of the Year from among the category winners.

This year, World Coin News is also giving the public a chance to see if their selections match the judges' choices. Though the public input will have no impact on the actual winners, the public will have the satisfaction of knowing whether they agree or disagree with the judges' results.

Last year's COTY winner was a Yves Klein 10-euro silver coin issued by Monnaie de Paris commemorating the works of famous French artist Yves Klein, recognized as one of the most important French artists of the post-war period. The obverse of the .900 silver proof coin shows Klein's hand coated with his famous International Klein Blue that he is about to apply on a canvas. The reverse depicts the other material Klein used, monochrome materials.

Below are the nominees for the 2015 Krause Publications' Coin of the Year Awards:

Most Historically Significant Coin
  • Australia - 1 Dollar, KM# 1941, Silver, The Land Down Under - Captain James Cook
  • Canada - 50 Dollars, KM# 1429, Silver, HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake - Battle of Boston Harbor, War of 1812
  • Denmark - 500 Kroner, KM#957, Silver, Niels Bohr and Atomic Theory
  • Germany - 10 Euro, KM# 319, Silver, Heinrich Hertz and Electric Rays - 125th Anniversary
  • Guyana - 2000 Dollar, KM# 57, Copper-Nickel, 1763 Slave Revolt - 250th Anniversary
  • Netherlands - 5 Euro, KM# 326, Silver, 1713 Peace treaty of Utrecht
  • Peru - Nuevo Sol, KM#370, Silver, Sol Coinage - 100th Anniversary
  • Poland - 5 Zlotych, Y# 863, Silver, History of Polish Coins - Denarius of Boleslaw I the Brave
  • Slovakia - 10 Euro, KM#130, Silver, Jozef Karol Hell - 300th Anniversary of Birth
  • Spain - 50 Euro, KM# 1287, Silver, Balboa Discovers the Pacific Ocean - 500th anniversary

Best Contemporary Event Coin

  • Australia - 1 Dollar, KM# 2148, Silver, Korean War Ends - 60th Anniversary
  • Belarus - Rouble, KM# 436, Copper-Nickel, BPS-Sberbank - 90th Anniversary
  • Canada - 50 Cents, KM# 1444, Copper-Nickel, Superman - 75th Anniversary (Lenticular image of classic & modern Superman)
  • Croatia - 25 Kuna, KM# 94, Bi-Metallic, Croatian entry into European Union
  • France - 10 Euro, KM# 2091, Silver, Franco-German Friendship - 50th Anniversary
  • Great Britain - 5 Pounds, KM#1242b, Silver, Elizabeth's Coronation - 60th Anniversary
  • Lithuania - 50 Litu, KM# 195, Silver, Sajudis Independence Demonstration - 25th Anniversary
  • Poland - 2 Zlotych, Y# 876, Copper-Aluminum-Nickel, Polish Society for the Mentally Handicapped - 50th Anniversary
  • Russia - 100 Roubles, Y#1451, Gold, Russian victory over Germany at Battle of Stalingrad - 70th Anniversary
  • Spain - 10 Euro, KM# 1280, Silver, Juan Carlos - 75th Anniversary of Birth

Best Gold Coin
  • Austria - 50 Euro, KM# 3218, Gold, Klimt and his Women - The Expectation
  • Canada - 50 Cents, KM# 1348, Gold, Eagle Head
  • China - 100 Yuan, KM# 2086, Gold, Chinese Sacred Buddhist Mountain - Mount Putuo
  • France - 50 Euro, KM# 2100, Gold, Notre Dame - 850th Anniversary
  • Great Britain - 50 Pence, KM#1253b, Gold, Benjamin Britten - 100th Anniversary of Birth
  • Italy - 20 Euro, KM# 365, Gold, Botticelli's personification of Spring
  • Mongolia - 500 Tugrik, KM# 327, Gold, Howling Wolf
  • Netherlands - 10 Euro, KM# 338, Gold, Rietveld Schroder House
  • Slovakia - 100 Euro, KM# 132, Gold, Maximilian - 450th Anniversary of Coronation in Bratislava
  • South Africa - 10 Rand, KM# 563, Gold, Nature - Zebras

Best Silver Coin
  • Australia - 1 Dollar + 25 Cents, KM# 1916 + 1917, Silver, Australian Holey Dollar and Dump - 200th Anniversary
  • Austria - 20 Euro, KM# 3219, Silver, European Writers - Stefan Zweig
  • Canada - 100 Dollars, KM# 1441, Silver, Three Bison
  • Cook Islands - 10 Dollars, KM# 1656, Silver, New York Grand Central Terminal Clock
  • France - 10 Euro, KM# 2095, Silver, Rudolf Nureyev
  • Latvia - 1 Lats, KM# 140, Silver, Richard Wagner - 200th Anniversary of Birth
  • Mongolia - 500 Tugrik, KM# 326, Silver, Argali Sheep with Crystal Eyes
  • Niue - 1 Dollar, KM# 1127, Silver, Tropical Coral Fish - Puffer Fish
  • Turkey - 50 Lira, KM# 1293, Silver, Turkey Statehood - 90th Anniversary
  • United States of America - 5 Dollars, KM# 273, Silver, Enhanced Uncirculated silver American Eagle

Best Crown Coin
  • Andorra - 5 Diners, KM# 364, Silver, Aguila Daurada eagle
  • British Antarctic Territory - 2 Pounds, KM# 9, Copper-Nickel, Emperor Penguin - Three Penguin Chicks
  • Finland - 10 Euro, KM# 202, Silver, Sophie Mannerheim - 150th Anniversary of Birth
  • Great Britain - 5 Pounds, KM# 1259, Copper-Nickel, Christening of Prince George
  • Hungary - 5000 Forint, KM# 855, Silver, Weöres Sándor - 100th Anniversary of Birth
  • Ireland - 10 Euro, KM# 80.2, Silver, James Joyce
  • Lithuania - 50 Litu, KM# 197, Silver, Uprising of 1863-1864 - 150th Anniversary
  • Poland - 20 Zlotych, Y# 879, Silver, Animals of the World - European Bison
  • Russia - 3 Rouble, Y# 1422, Silver, Female athlete holding Kazan Universiade banner above city skyline
  • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - 2 Pounds, KM# 60, Copper-Nickel, Blue Whale

Best Circulating Coin
  • Australia - 20 Cents, KM# 2010, Copper-Nickel, Mechanisms of Mining
  • Denmark - 20 Kroner, KM# 960, Aluminum-Bronze, Ole Rømer
  • Finland - 2 Euro, KM# 190, Bi-Metallic, Parliament, 150th Anniversary
  • Great Britain - 2 Pound, KM# 1239, Bi-Metallic, London Subway, 150th Anniversary
  • Greece - 2 Euro, KM# 252, Bi-Metallic, Plato
  • Italy - 2 Euro, KM# 357, Bi-Metallic, Giuseppe Verdi, 200th Anniversary of Birth
  • Lithuania - 2 Litai, KM# 190, Bi-Metallic, Stelmuze Oak
  • Singapore - 1 Dollar, KM# 314, Bi-Metallic, Lion and Flora
  • United States of America - 25 Cents, KM# 546, Copper-Nickel Clad Copper, Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Best Bi-Metallic Coin
  • Austria - 25 Euro, KM# 321, Silver and Niobium, Tunneling
  • France - 2 Euro, KM# 2102, Bi-Metallic, Pierre de Coubertin - 150th Anniversary of Birth
  • Germany - 2 Euro, KM# 314, Bi-Metallic, German States - Baden-Württemberg and Maulbronn
  • Japan - 500 Yen, Y# 198, Bi-Metallic, Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Lithuania - 2 Litai, KM# 187, Bi-Metallic, Distaff (Spinning Tool)
  • Luxembourg - 5 Euro, KM# 126, Silver and Niobium, Beaufort Castle
  • Netherlands - 2 Euro, KM# 324, Bi-Metallic, Kingdom - 200th Anniversary
  • Palau - 2 Dollars, KM# 472, Bi-Metallic, 30th Anniversary of Panda coinage
  • Portugal - 2 Euro, KM# 830, Bi-Metallic, Cathedral tower view
  • Switzerland - 10 Francs, KM# 146, Bi-Metallic, Silvesterchlausen

Most Artistic Coin
  • Australia - 1 Dollar, KM# 2051, Silver, Land Down Under - Surfing
  • Austria - 100 Euro, KM# 3225, Gold, Austrian Wildlife - Red Deer
  • Canada - 20 Dollars, KM# 1363, Silver, Canadian Maple Canopy - Spring
  • Fiji - 10 Dollars, KM# 366, Silver, Malachite Room - Hermitage
  • Finland - 20 Euro, KM# 204, Silver, Multicultural
  • Kazakhstan - 50 Tenge, KM# 264, Copper-Nickel, Hedgehog
  • Latvia - 1 Lats, KM# 137, Silver, Rudolfs Blaumanis - 150th Anniversary of Birth
  • New Zealand - 1 Dollar, KM# 373, Silver, Maori Art - Koru
  • Slovenia - 2 Euro, KM# 112, Bi-Metallic, Postojna Cave Discovery - 800th Anniversary

Most Innovative Coin
  • Australia - 50 Cents, KM# 2141, Silver, Australian red one penny stamp centennial coin packaged with $10 commemorative stamp
  • France - 10 Euro, KM# 2217 - 2120, Silver, Tour de France - 100th Anniversary - Different Colored Cyclists' Jackets
  • Latvia - 1 Lats, KM# 143, Silver, Last Lats - Linear Calendar
  • Mongolia - 500 Tugrik, KM# 328, Gilded Silver, Wolf Laser Cutout
  • Niue - 50 Dollars, KM# 1279, Silver, Fortuna Redux - Mercury
  • Niue - 100 Dollars, KM# 1256, Silver, Moon gilt within rays and 12 crystals

Most Inspirational Coin
  • Australia - 1 Dollar, KM# 2045, Aluminum-Bronze, ANZAC Day - Engineers
  • Belarus - Rouble, KM# 437, Copper-Nickel, Christianization of the Rus - 1025th Anniversary
  • Canada - 3 Dollars, KM# 1485, Silver, Grandfather and grandson fishing
  • Estonia - 7 Euro, KM# 73, Silver, Raimond Valgre
  • Finland - 10 Euro, KM# 201, Silver, Frans Eemil Sillanpåå
  • France - 250 Euro, KM# 1764, Gold, Dove and peace in various languages
  • Israel - New Sheqel, KM# 508, Silver, Yad Vashem - 60th Anniversary
  • Portugal - 2.5 Euro, KM# 831, Silver, International Committee of the Red Cross - 150th Anniversary
  • Slovakia - 2 Euro, KM# 128, Bi-Metallic, Saints Cyril and Methodius
  • Vatican City - 2 Euro, KM# 446, Bi-Metallic, World Youth Day - Rio

The public can vote online here: