Thursday, June 7, 2018

The King of American Coins in Heritage's Long Beach Expo

The Mickley-Hawn-Queller specimen of the 1804 $1 silver dollar or known among collectors as "KING OF AMERICAN COINS" may set numismatic history as Heritage Auctions presents several high-value private collections as the official auctioneer of California’s Long Beach Expo June 13-18.

1804 $1 silver dollar

This coin will cross the block as a part of the Premier session, scheduled for the evening of Thursday, June 14.

For more than a century, the 1804 dollar has reigned as the "King" of U.S. coinage, a fitting title to bestow on a coin made for royalty. The U.S. Mint received orders to strike complete sets of proof coinage meant to serve as diplomatic gifts for sovereigns such as the Sultan of Muscat, the King of Siam, and the Emperors of Cochin-China and Japan.

The King of American Coins sold for $3,877,500 including buyer premium in Heritage Auction Platinum Night event on 9 Aug. 2013.

Long Beach 2018 introduces "An Important New York Collection," an important selection of U.S. type. Also scheduled for the Premier session, the collection features 21 breath-taking lots:

  • A national treasure: a 1793 With Periods Chain cent, MS65 Brown PCGS. CAC – a rare surviving example of the very first Federal type coins ever minted, and a specimen with impeccable provenance (Ex: Cleneay-Atwater-Eliasberg).
  • A 1796 No Stars quarter eagle, BD-2, MS61 PCGS, a historic first-year condition rarity and an important one-year type.
  • An 1870 Liberty Head twenty dollar, PR65 Ultra Cameo NGC. CAC – the second-finest known of just five or six survivors in collectors’ hands.
  • The finest known Continental dollar: a 1776 EG FECIT Pewter Continental dollar, MS67 NGC, an astonishing coin that has fascinated numismatists for more than 200 years.
  • A 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar, B-1, BB-11, XF40 PCGS. CAC, displaying a sharp strike, full date, and sharp stars.
  • An 1805/4 Draped Bust half dollar, O-101, T-4, MS64 NGC. CAC, arguably the finest 1805 half dollar of any variety (Ex: "Col." E.H.R. Green-Eric P. Newman-Oliver Jung)
  • An 1804 Draped Bust quarter, Browning-1, MS65 NGC. CAC, the finest certified by NGC or PCGS (Ex: "Col." E.H.R. Green, Jerome Kern)
  • An 1840-C five dollar gold, MS64+ PCGS Secure. CAC, none finer at both services and the finest ever graded by PCGS.

Heritage Auctions’ Long Beach Expo Auction opens for bidding May 25 at Lot preview begins June 9-11 at Heritage Auctions Beverly Hills, 9478 West Olympic Boulevard, and June 12-16 at the Long Beach Convention Center, 300 East Ocean Boulevard.
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Monday, April 23, 2018

Australia new effigy of Queen Elizabeth II announced

Yesterday, Australian Government announced the exciting news that in 2019 Australia will adopt a new effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark, on all circulating and collector coins.

Queen Elizabeth II

The new effigy of The Queen will be only the sixth to feature on Australia’s coins since Her Majesty’s accession to the throne in 1952.

The effigy was designed by Jody Clark, an engraver for the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint. Jody Clark’s original effigy was chosen through a competition commissioned by the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint Advisory Committee and has been in use in the United Kingdom since 2015.

The effigy to feature on Australian coins is an adaptation of Jody Clark’s original drawings. Her Majesty is portrayed wearing the Royal Diamond Diadem, which was worn for The Coronation. In keeping with tradition, Her Majesty continues to face to the right of the coin.

Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, the Hon Michael Sukkar MP, welcomed the change: “The Government is upholding the tradition of periodically updating Her Majesty’s image on Australia’s coins. This new effigy will replace the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy which has been in use since 1998.”

Australians can expect to start seeing the new effigy on 2019-dated coins.

It may take some time before these coins appear in people's change as the new coins will be distributed through banks across Australia as a first priority.

Coins bearing previous effigies of Her Majesty will not be removed from circulation and will continue to be legal tender.
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PMG Special Labels for Malaysian Notes

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) is offering a special label for 60th Anniversary of Independence and Trigo Kuala Lumpur International Money Show until December 31, 2018. According to PMG, 21 special labels offered by PMG so far and many of the labels have already ceased.

PMG Special Label

PMG has created a variety of attractive certification labels to enhance the presentation of PMG-graded notes. Many of these special labels are available for all PMG submitters, while others are made available through select retailers.


Malaysia 1st special label is for the commemorative notes issued by Bank Negara Malaysia to celebrate 60 years since the signing of the Independence Agreement. The special PMG label pays tribute to Malaysia's self-determination by showing the crescent moon and 14-point star from the Malaysian flag, elements that are also present on the note's front.

Show Ticket

Malaysia 2nd special label is for 2nd Trigo Kuala Lumpur International Money Show Ticket which have a value of 15 Ringgits and feature a striking image of a peacock. Made on banknote paper, they have multiple security features, such as design elements that can only been seen under ultraviolet light. The special label show their peacock theme.

For information and submission, you can contact Trigometric Sdn Bhd, an Official Submission Center for NGC, NCS and PMG in Malaysia.
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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fake Money Lending Licence with BNM logo

Some fraudsters are using Fake Money Lending Licence with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) logo to make people believe that they are licensed money lenders. For your information, BNM does not issue money lending licences.

Money lending business is governed under the Moneylenders Act 1951 and administered by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government.

Money Lending

According to BNM statement, these fraudsters aim to deceive the public to believe that they are licensed money lenders and to lure the public to make initial payments for various purposes related to the loan such as administrative expenses, stamp duty and legal fees.

These fraudulent activities are promoted through the website, social media, telephone calls, SMS, emails or other forms of communication.

Bank Negara Malaysia also would like to urge all victims of the above financial scam to lodge a report with the Royal Malaysian Police to facilitate investigations.

Members of the public are reminded to be vigilant of any person or parties who claim to be licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia. They are advised to refer to the list of institutions that are licensed or approved under the laws administered by Bank Negara Malaysia before entering into any business or investment transactions.

The list of institutions can be found at

Members of the public can also contact or visit:

BNMTELELINK (Customer Contact Centre)
Tel: 1-300-88-5465
Fax: (03)2174 1515

To submit enquiries or complaints, type 15888
BNM TANYA [your enquiry/complaint]

BNMLINK (Walk-in Customer Service Centre)
Block D, Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato' Onn
50480 Kuala Lumpur
(Business hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm)

Or visit BNMLINK branches in Bank Negara Malaysia Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.
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Thursday, April 12, 2018

$10 Straits Settlements note sold RM496,156

A very rare $10 Government of the Straits Settlements, bearing one of the scarcer dates 1 January 1931 signed by Luis Shelley with serial number A/1 00001 sold for £90,000 (RM496,156) in pink World and British Banknotes Auction on April 11.

Straits Settlements

The first $10 banknote to be issued for Straits Settlements sold nearly three times higher than estimates value of £35,000. A most important banknote and the first portrait $10 with portrait of George V for the Straits Settlements.

banknote letter cecil

The banknote is accompanied by a letter titled MEMORANDUM from the CHAIRMAN AND MANAGING DIRECTOR of the banknote printer, Bradbury Wilkinson and is addressed to "Dear Cecil, I am sending you herewith $10 note, No. A/1 000001, first issued of this value. I thought you might like to have it as a personal memento of your great victory.”

The Governor of the Straits Settlements at the date of this letter, '14th April 1932' was Sir Cecil Clementi and this without doubt is the 'Dear Cecil' referred to in the letter.

Sir Cecil Clementi Smith was the governor and commander-in-chief of the Straits Settlements, and the high commissioner for the Federated Malay States from 1929 to 1934. Clementi resigned as Governor on 18 October 1934 on grounds of ill health, while on leave in England.
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