Here are the results for Collectibles Auction Asia 3/2014 auction held at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore on 19 April 2014. 375 lot of coins and 457 lot of banknotes offered in the auction. Malaysia 50 sen 1968 Milled Edge sold at RM19,942 in the same auction today.

In this article, I only shared some of the coins, banknotes, coupons and JIM notes result that you might be interested. 

Collectibles Auction Asia

Highlights for coins (price without buyer premium):
Gold Kupang
Kelantan Kijang Gold Kupang

Lot 106: Patani – Kelantan Kijang (Barking Deer) Gold Kupang-Sold SGD1,200
Patani – Kelantan Kijang (Barking Deer) Gold Kupang. Obverse: A humped Kijang (deer) facing left with the tail raised ending in a flourish. A cresent moon above. Reverse: In Arabic “Malik Al Adil” (The just Ruler) Edge: Plain, weight: 0.6gm, composition: Gold. RRR.

Lot 124: Straits Settlements, Silver dollar, 1920, Restrike. PCGS PR 64-Sold SGD440

Lot 131: Straits Settlements, Silver 50c, 1897, PCGS AU 53-Sold SGD1,900

Lot 174: Straits Settlements, Bronze ½ c, 1932. NGC MS 65 RD-Sold SGD360

Lot 222: Sarawak, Silver 20c, 1927H (SC19, KN20b). NGC MS 63-Sold SGD420

Lot 223: Malaysia, 1971, RM 100, Gold, The 1st Prime Minister. NGC MS 64-Sold SGD1,300

Lot 224: Malaysia, 1971, 10 sen copper-nickel, Parliament House. NGC MS 65-Sold SGD360

Lot 229: Malaysia, C-N RM 1, 1982 (MSC7, KN8). NGC MS 64-Sold SGD170

Lot 233: Malaysia, C-N 20 sen, 1970 (MSC4, KN5). NGC MS65-Sold SGD180

Lot 235: Malaysia, C-N 20 sen, 1994 (MSC11, KN11). NGC MS65-Sold SGD260

Lot 237: 1989, 2nd series the National flower, 1st issued 6 Pcs-Sold SGD600
Malaysia, 1989, 2nd series the National flower, 1st issued: 1 sen copper clad steel, MS65RD; 5 sen (C-N, MS66); 10 sen (C-N, MS67); 20 sen (C-N, MS66); 50 sen (C-N, MS67); Ringgit (C-N, MS65). Total 6pcs. all graded by PCGS.

Lot 241: Malaysia, C-N 10 sen, 1971, NGC MS 66-Sold SGD650

Lot 245: Malaysia, Gold Proof RM200, 9th South East Asia Games, 1977, in original folder Franklin Mint USA-Sold SGD800

Lot 257: Malaysia, 1968, 50 sen, mint error, without security NGC Gem MS 66. Wong Hon Sum collection-Sold SGD6,500

Lot 261: Malaysia, 1969, 50 sen, with security edge. KM-5.2 NGC MS 64-Sold SGD550

Lot 265: Malaysia, Copper Sen, 1976, MSc1a, KM-2 Bronze. PCGS MS 64 RB-Sold SGD4,000

Lot 270: 2 pcs Malaysia, C-N 50c, 1967. NGC MS63. 1968 NGC MS65-Sold SGD200

Lot 272: Malaysia, 1967, official proof set of 5 pcs. KN19. Mintage 500. NGC graded: 1 sen (PF65RD); 5 Sen (PF66); 10 sen (PF65); 20 sen (PF65); 50 sen (PF65) with original box-Sold SGD3,400

Lot 327: Malaysia, 1976, 10 sen, Parliament House, KM-3, Mint error, struck 25% off center and on a 5 sen planchet, a double error, very rare and unusual. NGC MS 66-Sold SGD460

Highlights for JIM Notes (price without buyer premium):
JIM Notes
JIM notes- VJ with red dot in “9” overprinted on $5

Lot 524: Malaya / Japanese Occupation, ND (1946), VJ with red dot in “9” overprinted on $5 JIM with SN MB 293799 note-Sold SGD320

Lot 525: Malay / Japanese Occupation, ND (1946) “Victory Leaflet”, 1945 with red dot in “9”, Blk MK-Sold SGD600

Lot 526: Malay / Japanese Occupation, 1946, Post War Calendar overprinted on ND (1945) $1000 MU note P#M10b, Pick unlisted (Tan J14, KNB15) in the Book “The Japanese Occupation of Malaya (Singapore) and its currency” by Wong Hon Sum, pg 150, 46-F-1. Flat R. PMG Choice UNC 63 EPQ. Wong Hon Sum collection-Sold SGD2,500

Lot 527: Malay / Japanese Occupation, 1946, Post War Calendar overprinted on ND (1945) $1000 MU note P#M10b, Pick unlisted (Tan J14, KNB15) in the Book “The Japanese Occupation of Malaya (Singapore) and its currency” by Wong Hon Sum, pg 150, 46-F-3. Sharp R. UNC-Sold SGD2,300

Lot 528: Malaya / Japanese Occupation, 1946 Post war calendar overprinted on $100 ND (1944) MT note P#M8a, catalogs unlisted. VJ overprinted on back with sharp R of WAR; red dot in “9” of 1945 AU/UNC. Wong Hon Sum’s collection-Sold SGD2,300

Lot 529: Malaya / Japanese Occupation, ND (1946) VJ with red dot in “9” overprinted on $10 MP JIM note (flat R) (Tan J12, KNB12). AU-Sold SGD1,000

Lot 530: Malaya / Japanese Occupation, ND (1946) with red dot in “9” overprinted on $100 MT JIM note, flat R (Tan J13, KNB13). AU. Wong Hon Sum collection-Sold SGD1,500

Lot 532: Netherlands Indies / Japanese Occupation, 4pcs uncut-Sold SGD240
Netherlands Indies / Japanese Occupation, ND(1942) VIJF Cent (5 cent), P#120r, SB2191. Tan NJ2, unfinish (w/o Blk letter) 4pcs uncut sheet. Remainder. PMG AU53 NET. Corner damage (top right).

Highlights for coupons/cash vouchers (price without buyer premium):
1 picul
1 picul Kelantan Rubber Export coupons 1941
Lot 523: $100 rubber plantation, error, and normal note. 2pcs-Sold SGD300

Lot 549: Malaya, Cash Voucher, The Malaya & Friendship Bank Ltd-Sold SGD850
Malaya, Cash Voucher, The Malaya & Friendship Bank Ltd; H. R. H. Prince of Wales (Prince Edward VII) Portrait at Center of face. Date: 135_. No.00354. 12mm tear on left center. Top border trimmed.

Lot 553: Penang Island, Rubber Export coupon, 1941, 25 Katis,B281538. PMG 66 EPQ-Sold SGD550

Lot 581: Malaya, Coupon, 1941 Oct; Nov; Dec (3pcs uncut) 1 & 2 Coagulant pair, Federated Malay States-Sold SGD170

Lot 582: Sarawak Rubber Export coupons Total 5pcs-Sold SGD320
Sarawak Rubber Export coupons, 31st Mar 1942: 5 Katis 442716 (SKR1d); 10 Katis 309428 (SKR2b); 25 Katis 105695 (SKR2f); 1 picul P523505 (SKR4d); 5 piculs P641119 (SKR5b). Total 5pcs. AU

Lot 583: Johore Rubber Export coupons 2pcs-Sold SGD320
Johore Rubber Export coupons, 30th Sept. 1941, 10 Katis X 386272 (JR9); 25 Katis X602767 (JR11). 2pcs. UNC

Lot 584: Sarawak Rubber Export coupons, 3pcs-Sold SGD200

Lot 585: Johore Rubber Export Coupons, 5 Piculs-Sold SGD240

Lot 586: Straits Settlements, Mainland Rubber Export coupons-Sold SGD400

Lot 587: Federated Malay States Rubber Export Coupons, 7pcs-Sold SGD380

Lot 590: Kelantan Rubber Export coupons 1941, 1 picul-Sold SGD550

Highlights for banknotes (price without buyer premium):
Buffalo note
Malaya and British Borneo $10 dollar Buffalo note-error

Lot 557: Malaya, 1st Jan 1942, King George VI $50-Sold SGD2,000

Lot 565: Malaya, 25 cents, 1940, pair, PMG UNC 64 EPQ-Sold SGD3,800

Lot 566: Malaya, 1940, $10 note, purple. SN A/12 046670-Sold SGD2,600

Lot 601: Malaya & British Borneo, 1959, $1 ,7pcs UNC 66 EPQ-Sold SGD2,800

Lot 613: Malaya and British Borneo, $10 Buffalo note-Sold SGD3,200
Malaya and British Borneo, $10 Buffalo note, 1961, SN A/62 674316, error SN partially missing (lost 3 nos missing) EF

Lot 627: Malaysia, 1st series 1967~1972 (Gabenor) RM 1. Golden number. B/52 8888888-Sold SGD2,000

Lot 628: Malaysia, RM 1, Golden nos.4pcs-Sold SGD2,000

Lot 648: Malaysia, RM10, 2000, error note pair-Sold SGD1,300
Malaysia, RM10, 11th series, 2000, Zeti Aziz sign, error note mismatched serial number QL 3879446/3879356 & QL 3879447/3879357. consecutive pair (TanM86, KNB63a) UNC.

Lot 655: 2pcs Malaysia, 2007, RM 50, 50th anniversary of Independence of Malaysia Commenorative Banknotes-Sold SGD750

Lot 662: Malaysia, 1st series 3pcs-Sold SGD1,100
Malaysia, 1st series, ND (1967~1972), Gabenor, RM 5, SN A/1 679813; RM 10 (SA-PULOH) SN A/1 966485 and RM1. 3pcs. AU/UNC

Lot 663: Malaysia, RM 50, 4th series, 1981~1983, SN B/85 000001. VF-Sold SGD2,000

Lot 665: Malaysia, RM 50, 2nd series. SN A/52 605823/4. 2pcs running nos-Sold SGD2,000

Lot 666: Malaysia, RM 50, 3rd series, SN B/13 697401/2. 2pcs running nos-Sold SGD1,500

A Buyer's premium of 15% will be added to hammer price for each lot to all succesful bids. Lots sold though "" are subjected to an additional 3% Buyer's Premium (18% in total). All Shipping, handling and insurance charges will be paid by Buyer.

CAA auction focuses on South-East Asian especially Singapore and Malaysian ancient and modern coins, banknotes and artefacts including cannon money,Johor Empire gold coins and regional tin coins , China old and modern silver and gold coins,China republic banknotes, republic local exchange notes and Chinese RMB and Japanese occupied Malaya banknotes from the personal collection of Mr. Wong Hon Sum and many more.

Today, A finest known example of a 1968 50 sen Milled Edge realized SGD7,670 (RM19,942) including buyer premium in Collectibles Auction Asia CAA Auction No. 3 at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore. The mint error coin set a new record for Malaysia most expensive circulation coin in auction. The previous record holder is a 1969 50 sen Milled edge coin graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) Au-55, sold by the same auctioneer on 19 October 2013.

50 sen 1968

The 1968 Milled edge 50 sen is a collection of Mr. Wong Hon Sum graded MS66 by NGC. I am a little bit shock when I received an email asking me to confirm the news from a friend. When I login to Facebook, I saw Mr. Dickson Niew a blogger at www.fakesilvercoin announce the realized price for top Malaysian coins in that auction.

To all newbies, the coin is not a normal 50 sen security edge (50 sen berparit) but an error coin with a milled edge. Officially, the coins for 1967-1969 are supposed to be in security edge but there are some coins minted with a wrong plachet.

 malaysia coin

Searching for more information about the 50 sen Milled edge at the NGC Malaysia coin census, confirm that the coin is the best grade so far (the only one with MS66) for Milled edge 50 sen 1968.

I am not sure who is the winner but I sure the news will make my phone and most Malaysian coin dealers phone will be ringing 24/7 for a few months to come. I am sure newbies who heard this news will be contacting any coin dealers and collectors phone number/email/Facebook that they can find and asked us to buy their Very Fine 50 sen 1967, 1968 and 1969 for over RM10K. I already shared what I knew in this article; information about Malaysia 50 sen 1967, 1968 & 1969. Please read them carefully and understand what is Milled Edge and Security Edge before you jump into conclusion that your coin price can get over RM10K.

1 sen bronze

Other coins that worth to mention in the auction is a 1 sen 1976 Bronze PCGS MS 64 RB with a realized price SGD4,720 (including buyer premium), RM12,210. The coin also broke the previous record for Malaysia 1 sen 1976 bronze of RM7,550 sold in Monetarium Singapore auction on 27 Mac 2013. The normal coin 1 sen 1976 is made of copper clad steel. These 1 sen 1976 bronze is actually a copper coin, a wrong metal error made in the mint. To anyone who want to know how you can check the coin with magnet test, you can read it in my article; How to detect 1 sen 1976 Bronze.

1967 proof

Another shocking news for Malaysia Numismatic community regarding the auction is a Malaysia 1967 proof set coins which realised SGD4,012 (including buyer premium), RM10,379. The official Malaysia proof set of 5 pcs coins come with original box and the coins graded by NGC: 1 sen (PF65RD); 5 Sen (PF66); 10 sen (PF65); 20 sen (PF65); 50 sen (PF65). With only 500 set produced, a coin set in a high grade like this is very hard to find.

I will share with you more update about the CAA Auction 3/2014 later.

A scarce proof error coin, frosted freedom platinum eagle variety is being offered by GreatCollections right now until 27 April 2014, 7:12pm Pacific Time. The 2007-W platinum American Eagle quarter-ounce coin graded by PCGS as Proof-70 DCAM and it’s also identified on the label as Frosted FREEDOM.

frosted freedom

The 2007-W $25 Quarter-Ounce Platinum Statue of Liberty coin has the word FREEDOM in frosted type, as opposed to the mirror finish. Mint Officials did not believe the word FREEDOM was prominent enough and decided to change the finish of the letters at the last minute.

"What's special about this variety is that the U.S. Mint acknowledged how they were produced and how they inadvertently distributed the error coins to buyers at random. Only 21 were minted and this is the second one discovered," said Ian Russell, President/founder of GreatCollections.

Frosted Freedom

The variety was discovered in 2011 and prompted the U.S. Mint to confirm that 21 of the error were produced of the $25 Quarter Ounce and $50 Half Ounce. Twelve coins were produced of the $100 One Ounce. GreatCollections first learned about this current coin earlier this year, and it is the only coin graded by PCGS for any of the three denominations.

PCGS included the Quarter-Ounce Frosted FREEDOM coin in their Top 100 Modern Coins Registry Set, where it is ranked #16.

Russell continued: "The coin is being sold unreserved and initial spirited bidding has taken the bid to over $25,000, ensuring a new PCGS record auction price for the platinum series. We are always proud to be the auction company of choice for U.S. coin rarities."

To view professional images of the Frosted FREEDOM Platinum Coin or other coins in the auction, please visit or telephone 1-800-44-COINS.