Thursday, April 11, 2013

Special bunga raya 50 sen 2006 & 1988?

A reader asked me, "What so special about bunga raya 50 sen 2006 & 1988?"

At first, I thought he maybe have that coins in his possession but when I reply and he don't reply back, I think he is not a regular readers of my blog, I had been talking about those coins a long time ago. For non collectors, that coin maybe not so special and some of them might be saying that they found that coin before but they already use it, a typical Malaysian problem. They have everything but they already use them? They don't even know that coins are rare and to get a hand on that coins are almost impossible. I will say that most of us has been doing a ghost chase for 50 sen 2006, you can see it in the mintage list but no one has been holding a single 50 sen 2006 yet. If you do, please contact me but please don't expect that coin can get you a million ringgit.

Bunga Raya 50 sen 1988
1988 coins

Why people suddenly looking for 50 sen 1988 bunga raya series? If you have some extra time, you can visit Sasana Kijang in Kuala Lumpur, they're displaying $1 ringgit, 50 sen and 20 sen with a year 1988 on their Malaysia coin wall. The coins are there the last time I saw it few months ago, I am not sure if the coins are still on display. If you still cannot get what I mean, the bunga raya series coins or Bank Negara called it as "Cultural Artifact Series" were released for circulation on 4 September 1989. Sifu Dickson told me that maybe this coins are displayed by mistake by BNM staff who maintain Sasana Kijang Bank Negara. This coins most probably a specimen coins and BNM should make another space for coins specimen. Museum should be a place to educate people, any wrong information will give a wrong education to visitors about Malaysia coins. People might be thinking that Bunga Raya series start since 1988. To BNM, please don't remove that coins from your display, it is a rare piece and many collectors want to take a look at it. You can read more here; 1988 50 sen bunga raya.

Bunga Raya 50 sen 2006
50 cent 2006

What about 50 sen 2006? If you bought Master Sifu Steven Tan Malaysia coin catalogue books before, you will most probably don't ask me this kind of question. According to Steven Tan book 19,480,000 pieces of the 50 sen has been minted by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in 2006 but until today, I don't see a single piece of that coins in circulation or on sale by any of the Malaysia coin dealer. Its not a mistake by our Master Sifu, the data has been given by BNM to him.

BNM should show a yearly report about how many coins were minted for that particular year and also how many counterfeit coins were detected every year. They should be more transparent by announcing Malaysia coins and banknotes mintage & printing in their website. You can read more here; 50 sen 2006.

In my opinion, he should ask me, what so special about:
  • $1 ringgit 1988 bunga raya coin
  • 50 sen 1988 bunga raya coin
  • 20 sen 1988 bunga raya coin
  • 50 sen 2006 bunga raya coin

My answer will be:
"All of the above coins are ghosts, we can see it in Sasana Kijang and books but we cannot see it in normal circulation."

How much do you think these coins price nowadays?