Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to detect 1976 1 sen copper

Do you know how to detect a 1976 1 sen copper that is more valuable from the rest of the 1 sen 1976? Believe it or not, on 27 March 2013 the rare coin saw a realized price of SGD$2,600 (excluding tax and commission) during Monetarium Singapore Auction. The rare coin graded By Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as Bronze: 1-Sen 1976 (KM1) PCGS MS65 RD. When you convert the price to ringgit, the price is approximately RM$6,452 (excluding tax and commision).

Most non-collectors think that all 1 sen 1976 coins are valuable to coin collectors. For your information, you need to check the coin with magnet first before you ask how much the value of your coin. The coin get a very high price because it is a wrong planchet error or mistakenly mint on a wrong metal. The original planchet is made of Copper Clad Steel.

So far, only around 100 pieces of copper 1 sen 1976 coins were found by collectors and most of them in a low grade condition. The best known grade so far for this coin is graded by NGC MS 66 RD. This is one of the most valuable coins in Malaysia circulation coins, you can read more about them in my post; Malaysia Rare Coins.

1 sen 1976

How to detect 1 sen 1976 copper coin:
1. Find a normal house magnet.
2. Put all your 1 sen  1976 in one place.
3. Point the magnet to your 1976 1 sen coins.
4. If you find any coins that don't stick to the magnet, its the coins that we are looking for.

Remember, Genuine 1976 1 sen copper cents "will not" be attracted to a magnet.
Copper-clad steel 1 sen will show a strong magnetic attraction.

I hope this will help many of you who had been asking about this coins.