Monday, February 9, 2009

Malaysia Numismatic Society

You can find Malaysia Numismatic Society website at The organisation has been form on 19th May 1968 at the Malayan Nam Ann Low Clansman Association, 17C, Jalan Gereja, Kuala Lumpur.

The founder members present at the inaugural meeting were the late Mr. Sim Ewe Eong JSM. FRNS., the late Mr. H. Ottevanger, Mr. Tony Lye Fong Nge, the late Mr. C.C. Low, the late Mr. M.L.A. Rashid, Mr. Yee Yue Phang, Mr. Low Yow Tian and Mr. J.M.M. Bell. Their website has been officially launched on 7th. August 2005. As the time of my last visit, there are only 7382 visitor to this website.

They have some tips on how to handle banknote and coin, how to do grading and something about specimen notes or replacement notes in their knowledge base section. Like any normal collector, they strongly advise their reader not to clean coins and banknotes. Most people who is new in coin collecting will do coin cleaning.

Since 2005, the only update that I can see in this website is their Auction list in announcement. Some of their auction is cheaper then standard catalogue price and worth to wait for. You need to be a member to participate in their auction. I normally will asked a friend who is a member to buy anything that I like in there. They usually held an auction 4 times a year.

I wish they will make more update for their activities to attract more new member.